Acoustic guitar for SALE !!! BRAND - Clayton

Discussion in 'Buy - Sell Used Musical Instruments' started by hemanth_k, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. hemanth_k

    hemanth_k New Member


    I am selling my Clayton Acoustic guitar, which is around 10 months old, bought it at Reynolds (Bangalore), excellent condition, beautiful sound, well maintained and played regularly .
    I am traveling abroad so i am selling it .

    Items : Clayton Acoustic guitar + padded guitar cover + 2 Picks
    Cost : 3,800 Rupees (bought it as 5,500 Rupees)

    If interested contact me @ the below number
    Name: Hemanth
    Phone : 9886410809
    Location : Bangalore
  2. Sumanovo razor

    Sumanovo razor New Member

    hey heymanth can you please provide me with the address of reynolds in bangalore...and if there is any guitar shop nearby chamrajpet...thanks in advance
  3. hemanth_k

    hemanth_k New Member


    There are lots of shops in jayanagar ....3-4 kms from chamrajpet , Reynolds is located in Brigade road.
  4. faraz.bronx

    faraz.bronx New Member

    please post a pic of your guitars present condition..and is the price negotiable? willing to sell out of town of prefer a bangalorian candidate?
  5. hemanth_k

    hemanth_k New Member

    was out of town, will post the pic tomorrow... i am willing to sell anyone who is ready to collect it from me :)
  6. hemanth_k

    hemanth_k New Member

    Photo Uploaded... DSCN3801 (2).JPG DSCN38001.jpg DSCN3802 (2).JPG
  7. hemanth_k

    hemanth_k New Member

    Guitar SOLD !!

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