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  1. prit_undead

    prit_undead New Member

    Can anyone please post the chords of Acid by Fossils from Fossils 2?
    thanks in advance:p:

    got a few chords from some of the threads but ektu details e kon portion e ki change korbo nd the strumming pattern dile khub bhalo hoy

    LEFTY_GUITARIST -= M®. §öU†|-|ÞäW =-

    Okies prit undead, im doing it for u.....

    riff is

    E-3-33-3-33-3-33-0123-33---------------------(repeated 3x)


    G---------------------------------3(pincthed harmonics)

    1st riff for 1st three lines.

    buke buke jala dhora tibro osukhe

    nepotthe prem ar ghrina sommukhe

    atoo moithuner ghrinno shoroe
    firte chai na, tobu firi bare bare

    2nd riff again.

    u u give me reps n pts, i can tab da whole thing , including da lead part for u:grin:

    comments and corrections are welcome!
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    LEFTY_GUITARIST -= M®. §öU†|-|ÞäW =-

    G----------------------------------------3(pincthed harmonics)
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  4. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    good post lefty. keep it up...
  5. rockbabun

    rockbabun New Member

    WHoah!!! Gr8 Lefty. Keep it up!! :beer: :beer:
  6. hacker_x

    hacker_x New Member


    pintched harmonics play kore ki kore ?.........plz explain
  7. Strat

    Strat Floydian

    Pinch harmonic holo guitar-er artificial harmonic playing technique. Ete tui kono string kono position-e hold kore pluck korar sathei left hand-er finger-ta slightly fretboard theke tule nie rakhte hoy jate finger-ta string-take just lightly touch kore thake, (fretboard-take noy). Ete jeta hoy seta holo - fundamental tone-ta cancel hoye jai ar oi position-e or higher pitched harmonic-ta shudhu shona jay. Different positions have different harmonics... jemon 12th fret-e octave harmonic etc.

    Acoustic guitar-e khub ekta sohoj noy bajano. Heavy distortion dile bhalo hoy. Bon Jovi-r 'wanted dead or alive' gaantar solo-tai prochur use achhe.

    Bakira, ami bhul kichu bole felle shudhre dio plz, karon amar concept-tao khub ekta clear na hote pare.
  8. prit_undead

    prit_undead New Member

    luvd it man
    i play rythm guitar
    so the first part would be done by the lead
    what do i do?
  9. sayanakaharry

    sayanakaharry Forum Leader

    @strat da

    ektu correct korbo.
    what you described as pinch harmonic is the right way to play a NATURAL harmonic. pinch harmonics are artificial harmonis, and are essentialy a RIGHT HAND TECHNIQUE.
    in a pinch harmonic, the left hand frets a particular string at a particular fret. the picking hand, is tilted slightly inward so that, after the pickstroke, the string hits the underside of the thumb lightly - not as much as to kill the sound, just as much to produce the harmonic. there are specific positions where these harmonics sound on each string and for each fret. a sort of "sweet spot"
    it is a difficult technique and takes practice. these are almost inaudible on acoustic guitars and clean electric, and sound wicked on hi gain distortion and overdriven patches.
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  10. Saptashaw

    Saptashaw PRO Tabber

    I agree with Sayan. I have to 'coz he taught me to play pinch harmonics.;)

    LEFTY_GUITARIST -= M®. §öU†|-|ÞäW =-

    i was jus goin 2 say tht.....thnx sayan da...n sorry , i wrote pinch"ed" harmonics:eek::.....jus look at da time i posted it

    @prit, after da lead, A#-D#-G ekbar pore, tarpor ekbar G-F-D#-F baje, baddo jontre acid bhora thake, oi jayga tay.
    jai hok, Play G chord on tht spot to solve ur prob!
    so no reps man???

    if i tab some lead parts of fossils, say both da lead parts of hasnuhana or smthing like tht, will ny one gimmi reps??:grin:

    LEFTY_GUITARIST -= M®. §öU†|-|ÞäW =-

    welly explained man....and those sweet spots are near 4th , 7th, 12th etc.
    do the experimentation , ull get it strat da. ami onek chesta kore ekhon 90% of the time correctly pinch korte pari :grin: ekhon aaamr fev harmonic spoot hocche A string er 2nd fret.....jus atrcell er chayar ninad sono, ba try listening to Zakk Wylde, he incorporates many harmonics in his playing:grin:

    tobe etay saobar age thakbe one of my fec pantera, cementery gates riff.......a classic example of pinched da god, Dimebag.:grin:
  13. Strat

    Strat Floydian

    e baba, ekebar-ei bhul jantam dekhchi... sorry everybody.

    Thanks for the correct explanation Sayan, ami ei jinis-tao dekhechi, kintu etai asole pinch harmonics seta jantam na. :beer:
  14. prit_undead

    prit_undead New Member

    amar proshner ki hobe?
    shobai to koto kichhu shikhe fello
    ami to acid shikhte parlam na

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