Accurate Chords for Kabhi Kabhi Aditi for beginners.

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  1. Atulthegreatest

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    Hi all. My name is Atul Kaushal, I'm from Karnal, 18, currently in CITM hostel Faridabad. I bought an acoustic 3 yrs ago but played nuthing new till last yr. I started playing a few songs with the help of sites like this. Nw playing Squire Fender Strat which I bought 2 weeks ago. I shall be posting Kabhi Kabhi Aditi guitar chords for BEGINNERS till today night or tomorrow. These are damn accurate, just watch this space. Tc.
  2. aditya golash

    aditya golash New Member

    hi atul,

    waiting to have kabhi kabhi aditi
  3. Atulthegreatest

    Atulthegreatest New Member

    Yeah here it is...

    Tune up all the strings by 3 notes to match the scale(optional) then play the following chords as if playing in standard tuning of EADGBE.
    Em- 022000
    Am- 002210
    C- 443010
    D- xx0232
    X- xx0433 (sum1 tell the correct name I am a novice)
    Kabhi Ka(Em)bhi Aditi Zinda(Em)gi mein yuhin
    koi (Am)apna lagta (Am)hai
    Kabhi Ka(Em)bhi Aditi wo bi(Em)chhad jaaye
    To phir (Am)sapna lagta (Am)hai

    Aise mein koi (Em)kaise apne (Em)aansuon ko (Em)behne se roke
    Aur (X)kaise (D)koi (Em)soch de
    (D)Eve(D)ry(D)thing's (D)gonna (D)be (Em)ok

    same for the next part of MUKHDA.
    ANTARA goes like this

    Soch (X)zara jaane(D)jaan (Em)tujhko hum (Em)kitna (Em)chahte (Em)hain.
    Rote (X)hum bhi a(D)gar (Em)teri aankhon mein (Em)aansu aate hain.
    (Em)Gaana to aata na(Em)hin hai magar phir (Am)bhi hum gaate (Am)hain.
    Hey Aditi (Em)maana kabhi kabhi (Em)saare jahan mein
    An(D)dhera hota (D)hai
    (Em)Le(Am)kin (D)raat ke (Em)baad hi to sa(Am)vera hota (Am)hai.

    Same goes the second paragraph.
    Hey guys, I worked these chords on my own but took the idea of scale shift from someone on this site.
    There might be a few mistakes as well, please point them out. All suggestions are welcome. I am still in beginner stages.
  4. Atulthegreatest

    Atulthegreatest New Member


    And someone please provide the intro, the guitar patch befor 1st para. And chords for Hey Aditi Has de Has de line...
  5. augur

    augur I love bjr


  6. Atulthegreatest

    Atulthegreatest New Member

    First play it urself and sing along then tell. Mr. Fail. Try them first.
  7. Atulthegreatest

    Atulthegreatest New Member

    And for those who think these are wrong or fail, I'll put a video on YouTube in 7 8 days at around Holi. I'll prove myself there only if I don't prove here in 3 days.
  8. Atulthegreatest

    Atulthegreatest New Member

    Just tune up the strings of your guitar by 3 notes each. i.e. E,A,D,G,B,E becomes G,C,F,A#,D,G

    Then Gm can be played where Em would be at standard tuning. Similarly Cm can be played where Am would be, F at C and so on.
  9. chirag45

    chirag45 New Member

    its on a different scale but still "correcto" wid very minor mistake.
  10. Atulthegreatest

    Atulthegreatest New Member

    Hey buddy what's the mistake? Please tell.
    And I play the same scale as original by tuning. Gm has been shifted where Em would be on a normal scale.
  11. lalit_rocks

    lalit_rocks New Member

    I prefer to play on original scale but your version is OK not accurate....

    (C)behne se roke,

    Soch (G)zara jaane (D)jaan tujhko hum kitna (G)chahte hain.

    (Em)Gaana to aata na(Em)hin hai magar phir (Am)bhi hum gaate (Em)hain.

    Le(Am)kin raat ke (G)baad hi to sav(D 0r D7 sounds better)era hota hai.
  12. devendragarima

    devendragarima New Member


    hi ia new to site
    i am a beginner
    i will try your chords
    can u send me chords of junoon (sayoonee wale)
  13. peaceful_words

    peaceful_words New Member

    it sounds good and all but the the original chords(or the one close to it are)

    Kabhi Ka(Gm)bhi Aditi Zinda(Gm)gi mein yuhin
    koi (Cm)apna lagta (Cm)hai
    Kabhi Ka(Gm)bhi Aditi wo bi(Gm)chhad jaaye
    To phir (Cm)sapna lagta (Cm)hai

    Aise mein koi (Gm)kaise apne (Gm)aansuon ko (Cm)behne se roke
    Aur (A#)kaise koi (F)soch de
    (Dm)Everything's gonna be (Gm)ok

    then,,,you can figure out the rest
  14. kushalkulll

    kushalkulll New Member

    sorrie dude bt i think its a mess:(
  15. kushalkulll

    kushalkulll New Member


    hey peaceful words....hw do u strike Gm n Cm????i mn d shiftin is jus a bit tuf dont u think???
    i mn 4 hw do u do it....daz wt i'd lyk 2 knw
  16. abhishek_513

    abhishek_513 New Member

    your chords sucks...please check them
  17. Atulthegreatest

    Atulthegreatest New Member

    Ha ha ha. Guitar technique is not all. Music ka taste hona chahiye. I've played the song many times for laypeople, musicians and guitarists and rockers (seniors, classmates, female friends, male friends). They think I've done a great job as a beginner. So those who just can't get the hold of my chords, don't say these are wrong. Because its not the chords its you who sucks at music. These are just the chords from original song on a different fret and tuning.
  18. abhishek_513

    abhishek_513 New Member

    look hard feelings...but it does not bring out the music we need in the song...

    but I would appreciate your try for this song...
  19. Atulthegreatest

    Atulthegreatest New Member

    Abe aise kaise nahin aata music, strings ko tune kiya? Every string 4 notes up. Then play. Gm Cm come down where Am Em would be. And people here only said it sounds good. Gimme your phone number. I'll show u over phone man. That does it.
  20. kushalkulll

    kushalkulll New Member

    abhishek tu sahi hai yaar

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