Absolute Beginers: How and where to start???

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by vexa, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. vexa

    vexa New Member

    Hello There,

    Any absolute beginners out there, how do you start????

    I do understand that music like any art is a journey (I paint/sketch and am always learning and reinventing).

    What I need is a place to start.
    Practically I already did start with buying a new Guitar and a Tuner.
    NOW WHAT?????? :)

  2. abhizzz

    abhizzz New Member

    first tune ur guitar...then see the videos lessons of english song and tabs....see how they move the fingers..Keep one thing in mind guitar is just like a keyboard where fret are the key storks all u need is to explore how to find perfect sound.... I started playing guitar 1 yr back get inspiration from hotel california song...Instead of learning the basics I directly started playing this song.....It's really hardest song for beginner...2 month practice i got the whole song....hardest u try faster u get
  3. Pravas

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