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Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by demetron, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. demetron

    demetron New Member

    hi, In many post in this forum i read "givson sucks" is it true?

    i want to learn play guitar first and after i learn much then i will purchase a high-fy coastly guitar but for begining i want a satisfactory cheap guitar.
    please remember when you answer that i am an col. student and not going to ask my parents to pay for my guitar [:D] i am going to purchase it from a little scollership money.

    So please help me........ i watched some givson electric model upto 5000 rs. should i choose from this.
  2. indyeah

    indyeah New Member

    hi demetron,

    Welcome to the forum! :) . How you doing?

    I am a guitar noob like you and I bought myself a Givson Acoustic, (Crown Special).It's like 2500 something, and to be really honest, I like it !! (noobs like me don't have many choice :-<)

    Anyways, I would recommend you to buy a Givson for a start, gradually you can graduate to a yamaha or a G&B or even a Gibson with a B .

    Take care brother, ;-)
    Keep smiling
  3. demetron

    demetron New Member

    thanks a lot bro. for your quick reply.
  4. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    woah woah woah bro.......when u can go for a pluto or a granada in this range why go for a giVson??????? dey are atleast 10 times bttr dan giVson....

    when u are gonna buy a giVson u r gonna be in luv wid it till u play a different guitar...den u will realize how crass and cacophonic giVson actually sounds........this comes from my personal experience and dere must be thousands lyk me..........so its bttr to go for a pluto or a granada acoustic right now.......den graduate to an electric once u have learned how to play da acoustic thoroughly.........
  5. sam#3

    sam#3 The Lucifer

    ^true.... U get a crappy guitar n den u repent whole of yr life... Its alwayz wise to be patient...
  6. demetron

    demetron New Member

    thanks for your suggesion guys. :)
  7. demetron

    demetron New Member

    what about gb&a are they good if i have option then what to choose
  8. 123_guitar

    123_guitar New Member

    Hey Dude!
    First of all clear that which type of guitar you want, Acoustic or electric.

    if you want electric, For beginner i think J&D is a good brand for start.

    but if you want acoustic there are lots of brands suitable for a newbie.

    I have recently bought a J&D Electric guitar with 2 single coil and one humbucker pickup, it's a nice guitar.

    But how much can you spend on a guitar? and where do you live.
  9. demetron

    demetron New Member

    well i can only spend upto 5k (only for guitar excluding amp) this time. I am interested for the electric but in lots of post here, i read buying Acoustic is better for beginners.
    is there any good electric guitar upto 5000. and how much your J&D cost you can you please send a pic of it.
    my id:demetronrosta@gmail.com
  10. demetron

    demetron New Member

    one more thing i wanna know is can we learn to electric guitar first without a processor , i mean i thought to buy only a guitar and amp first.
  11. 123_guitar

    123_guitar New Member

    Look bro, I am too a beginner. Honestly 1yr ago i bought an acoustic guitar at that time i was not knowing how to fret a note. then i returned to the shop after keeping 2 days with me. Now two weeks ago i bought a J&D electric guitar with 4 pickups (2 single coil & 1 humbucker) I learned how to play guitar from net.

    In your post you said that you are interested in electric guitar, So i think you should buy an electric guitar. [some body advised me that buying a guitar depends upon which type of sound you are looking for]

    I think that J&D will be a good Brand to start with. Once you will master it, you can also go for a Gibson les paul or Fender stratocaster there are so many guitars in world.

    Yeah sure, why not i will attach the pic of my guitar with this post.

    One more thing i also asked this before "WHERE DO YOU LIVE". If you live in Mumbai/India I can help you for buying a guitar for 4500 rs only. and if you wish you can get a branded GIBSON les paul guitar in 13,000 Rs.

    Do you believe that even i am not having an AMP for my guitar. yes it is not important to get a processor first, you can buy an amp (if you live in mumbai you can get branded Marshal amp for Rs.3500/)

    I plug my guitar in my Pc.

    (an advise: If you think that you cannot afford a guitar and amp there is one more option you can get a cable "Guitar to pc" from any electronic shop. you can also download an amp sim in you pc and play it like an amp, you can also get fender amplitube software)

    Wait i will post my guitar pic.
  12. 123_guitar

    123_guitar New Member

    My J&D guitar Pic.

    This is my guitar but with 4 pickups.

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  13. demetron

    demetron New Member

    thanks bro.
    very helpful information in your reply.
    i live in bhilai,(c.g.) but my brother is in IITB so plz tell me the shop names.

    Your guitar looks 'cool' i am also looking for something like that,i see it on net before but what model is it. and what is the price of it.

    again thanks for reply.
  14. 123_guitar

    123_guitar New Member

    Oh, i thought that if you will be living in mumbai, i will take you to some guitar shops and you can get a guitar on low price, even if you want a Gibson Les paul.
    Dont worry search all guitar shops nearby. you can also log on to: www.jandd-guitars.com or if you can buy a guitar online log on to: www.musiciansfriend.com.

    and i have bought my guitar for Rs.5000/- and i have asked for amp brand marshal for Rs.3500/-

    if you want to know anything about guitar, post it on this thread or email me: jimluthra@usa.com

    after buying guitar you can get bollywood song tabs here: http://www.indianguitartabs.com/showthread.php?t=40155
    and english theme tabs: http://www.indianguitartabs.com/showthread.php?t=40110

    Thank you.

    My blog about astronomy if anyone's interested: http://www.astrofame.blogspot.com

    my blog about guitar (under construction): http://www.myguitarmusic.blogspot.com
  15. 123_guitar

    123_guitar New Member

    JD-EG3 this is model no, price 5000/- rupees.
  16. demetron

    demetron New Member

    hey great this is on my budget tell me how it's sound is it much better from a givson. and if you know more electric guitar model under 5000 rs then tell me its great help to me.

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