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  1. Taifi

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    I was wondering that the song 'Aadat' was kinda sooper dooper mega hit in pakistan. sum ppl also said that it was the 'SONG OF THE CENTURY'. i also really liked it. so then when i was changing channels on my TV i stopped at 'B4U Music' and saw that aadat's video was being played. so i wanted to ask that has aadat become as popular in india as it is in pakistan?

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    yeah!!! ofcourse...music industry in pakistan is WAY better than india's
    so india likes to listen our music
    just like we watch indian films
  3. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :"(

    chill dude.. :)
    u got it all complicated.. go thru taifi's post agn..
  4. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :"(

    also i jus now listnd 2 tht song.. its quite good but i don find it 2 be super duper hit n stuff.. maybe need 2 let it gro on me.. but right now i dont feel its really smashin stuff..
    well its jus ma opinion .. u can ignore it..

    in my opinion Indi pop nowadays is a mere skinshow n damsels dancin arnd but paki stuff is kinda monotonous.. they lack variety.. xcept 4 sum.
  5. aysh

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    listen to mekaal hassan. sheer quality stuff
  6. zoomingrocket

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  7. Taifi

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    i read the review zoom. nice one. but i wanted to ask that y was this thread moved?

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    music talk jiger...waisay this is kind of stupid.....u shud include talk in the chitchatt lounge
  9. JAZZ

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    indians can know it better..........im a paki
    well although it was a good song.. a hit
    but people liked it more in a commercial way....
  10. chcky

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    ¸.·´¯`·.¸><((((º>RESPECT IS EARNED NOT GIVEN¸.·´¯`·.¸><((((º>

    yea guyz 'Aadat' rockz :rockon: but jal ne is ke waattt laga de haiiiiiiiii :mad:
  11. Nanda

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    The song was great, an d the vocalist is good, just like the other paki vocalists even he rocks. Doubt the song became popular in India, here you cant expect anything 2 b a big hit if there is no, f uckn female stripping off in the vide, majority of the people here appricate t i t s more tham music.(Sorry if a offend anyone but thts the truth y, DJ doll is more famous than Moksha or bhrama or parikrama here)
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  12. chcky

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    MASHALLAH kia khobsoorat zuban istimal ke hain app ne madam
  13. Taifi

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    lolzzzzzzzzzzzz. but i dont think nanda is a madam more like a sir lolzzzzzz
  14. Nanda

    Nanda Bassist

    didnt get u taifi, i mean i didnt get what u meant!
  15. chcky

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    nadia he said dat by ur languge u sound like a male not a female :shock:

  16. can sme pm me a link where i can hear the original track of adat

  17. Taifi

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    tgf go to apnisip or sangeetradio. oye chcky its not nadia its nanda. and hez a male. u completely screwed up chcky...
  18. jijo

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    OK i may be a little late on this one But one of the times when i was in Hong Kong last september feeling so very homesick adn was siting at this big cyber cafe at 3am heard this song and went searching for this Pakistani guy . I have lived on AAdat since then and it actually made my life very comfortable after that.It is one of my best songs ever and i think some of the pakistani musicians are extremely talented the rest are as they call "besuras"
  19. Taifi

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    well my friend told me that his cuz who was livin in uk said that 'every here has a cd of atif'...
  20. shak

    shak Harrr!

    lol.... song of the century!!! .. hahaha....my sweet li'll bottom it is!
    ok it is good ... the vocals are superb, but dont u think its over-rated??

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