A oldie Hindi song that i have wanted to know from a kid...

Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by Slrman, Jul 13, 2006.

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    Hi pplz, as a kid i remember a song which went like this "The rain is falling, chuma chum chum...Ladkri neh ak marii thou gir gey hum! tun tuna-tun! tuna-na-nanin!".

    The hero was dancin in da rain in the night, and in some scenes on the road. I think the heroine was standing in a bus stop or railway station. not too sure about that last part. I've been looking for this song but i cant find it. I'm startin to think maybe it's not called "The rain is falling" because no searches have come up with it. The song was defin8ly made after 1990.

    If anyone knows anything about that movie, or the song's name or even the actress or hero's name in dat song i would gr8ly apprecitate it as i've been lookin for this song for over a year now. Thankz :)

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