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    Words flew and formed a poetry,
    Drums beat, trumpets blew.
    And made it into a song worth remembrance,
    And that was truly you!

    I waited in the nightly silence,
    I stood up long for you.
    Then the wind hugged me into oblivion,
    And that was truly you!

    The trees sung when we were together,
    The flowers bloomed like june.
    Something touched my lips, soft and wet,
    And that was truly you!

    No words came from my lips then,
    Nothing to say I care.
    And that was truly you, my love,
    You took away that ghostly scare!

    I wished it would never end,
    The roots of our love go deep.
    Into the crust of dusty earth,
    Where all the living go to sleep.

    The trees said we'd never part,
    With the wind where you flew?
    You were'nt there when I woke up,
    Then was it really you?

    Please reply how u liked it!
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