A dream

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    A dream,
    A sweet little dream I dreamt long ago
    Some hopes, some wishes hidden
    And some desires
    I started longing for the day
    When the dream would come true

    And I gave everyone around me
    A piece of that dream
    Which they embraced
    Some hope and some wishes which mattered to them
    A sweet dream they dreamt even when I was awake

    So what makes me sad
    Today, As I watch my dream dying an early death
    Is not the hopes and wishes that lay shattered
    But the innocent faces with a wary smile
    Unable to speak in anticipation of their little dream come true

    I look at the long road ahead
    Wondering in the black I start again
    Praying for the revival of my sweet little dream
    Not for me but for everyone who carefully nurtured a piece of it

    For whom I must go on
    Till I achieve what I always wanted
    Since the first time I had that dream
    And gave everyone around me a piece of it.

    Comments plz :)
  2. madhuresh

    madhuresh madhuresh

    wah nice ....
    mera bhi ek sapana, samay ki seema se vichalit
    baar-baar laut kar raat-raat jaga
    khojta hantheliyoon ki lambi lambi rekhaoon main
    kyoon "nimish" maatr hi rahi prem anuradha.........

    keep posting
  3. #iR@


    alaaaaaaa... fit! loved reading it! :)

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