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    I've been seeing a number of "B>New Guitar Threads" where a lot of people actually tell them to start off with an acoustic...and I also see other people telling I've been playing acoustic guitar for 1 year,which is pretty long enough for anyone to not have a problem while buying electrics...
    So yeah...
    The thread is about which is better, Acoustic or Electric.

    Let me break it up to you.

    The Acoustic guitar has a sound hole,mostly has not more than 17 frets ...rings and does not hum and has thick strings...which can give you calluses.
    There are 12 stringed acoustics which are used as classical guitars..nylon stringed acoustics are for plucking,shredding and the likes,the smaller the sound hole,the different the sound is.The Ordinary Cutway/F-Cut guitars are for jazz...there is a small but negligible sound difference from normal acoustics..but the overall volume difference is present...The F-Cut has a lower volume.Now incase you're a first time player and you want to start off with an acoustic...take a guitar ...which ever one you like...take it in your hand and try to imitate the playing postion...strum all the strings and see for fretbuzz...if you know how to play the frets...check for fret buzz...and see the value of money. :)
    Depending on your budget here are some guitars you can buy
    Pluto Guitars
    Givson Guitars
    Ebanez Guitars
    GB&A *citation needed* etc.

    Alternatively if your budget is a bit higher there are guitars like Washburn,Yamaha starting over 5k...which use a different kind of food..from mahogany to white cedar (Cries).

    Acoustic guitars are generally cheap and if you're a new player...and if you choose to start off with an acoustic...then go ahead for a cheap guitar..which you like :)...


    The Electric guitar works with the help of pickups which are nothing but electro magnets which is routed into an amplifier to get the sound out..the sound from the electric guitar can be modded and these modded sounds are called effects.Generally has 22 frets..extends upto 24.Double Necked Guitars,Fretless Electrics exist,these are for more advanced styles of playing.

    Now we all know electric guitars work with pickups,
    there are basically three kinds of pickups..Single Coil,DoubleCoil/Humbucker.

    The single coil is mainly used for a more bluesy lead sound...it gives a beautiful clean sound.

    The humbucker gives a more slightly heavier sound compared to single coil.

    Here on I will refer to single coils as "S" and Double Coils/Humbuckers as "H"

    Here are some combinations which are used on the guitars..and their popular uses...

    S-S-S - Basically Lead...works well with blues..no comments on jazz...overall good...but not very versatile.

    H-S-S - The bridge humbucker gives a good heavy sound,works well both on rhythm and lead....no comments on blues...works with jazz..

    H-S-H - Very Versatile....works well with lead and rhythm...gives a heavier sound...and cover wide areas of music.

    H - H - Heavy Sound,commonly used in metal,but it strongly depends on the pickup brand you're using...so it can range from Folk,softrock,jazz,metal

    Like I said,the pickup brand which is being used is the thing that actually matters.

    Now the fretboard of the guitar should be comfortable to play..if you're a first time guitarist..take a pick in your hand and go to the string nearer to your leg and try playing the first four frets...see how comfortable it is and choose..try out all the frets and check for fretbuzz..make sure it has *working* mid-range tonal controls...cause without a mid it can kill ears.Check it through the AMP you are planning to buy...cause guitars sound different with different amps...though the difference is sometimes negligible.
    If you're in a budget,do not go for a cheap amp...try to get a decent 15watt marshall....or Laney..or stranger..etc....with equalizer controls..and drive (optional)

    Electric guitars...and some acoustic guitars come with Vibrato arms / Tremolo / Whammys which have a different type of bridge...The whammy bars on the cheaper guitars can give you problems unless set up right..I will post a different guide on how to check string tension and set a trem bridge.

    Here are some electric guitars from 5 - 10k range

    Givson GS 1000 - It's a very sucky guitar...but if you want on real bad..go for it.

    Aria Stratocaster Copy - 7000rs - It's a pretty okay guitar to start off with

    Tansen - IF you can find one of these...GO FOR IT!!

    Java - again a okayish guitar....but it's better than a givson.

    Starter Packs -
    Fender Squier Strats - good starter guitars..but watch out...people who don't know how to play squiers give them a blind zero..
    ranges from 12k - 16k along with amp.

    SX Starter Pack - Chinese Guitar,tried it ...liked it ...but it's all a gamble..7k for the guitar + amp.

    Overall...there is no such thing called if you start out with an electric you suck at an acoustic...you choose what you want to start with. :)
    I started out with electric..I didn't touch acoustics for a year..but I've done gigs on acoustics...and it goes fine :)
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    wow nicely written mate
    Which one (acoustic ) would u suggest for a beginner like me budget around 2k -2.3k

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