50s Style Rock & Roll Improv

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  2. alpha1

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    You can play the "leads" right along with the rhythm in Rock n Roll.
    Thats the beauty of Rock n roll n Blues music.

    when you are strumming the chords, you can do this:
    * strum the chord once
    * in the same beat play "leads" ofcourse you "leads" will be very close to the chord you are playing, this in turn will enhance you ability to play leads over chords rather than playing leads fixed to a scale.

    Nice pleasant leads, but the volume is too less. At first I couldn't hear anything. The leads are typical rock n roll, but the thing is that the leads were not out of the beat and feel (smething that I manage to screw up everytime)

    I would have wanted more variation and more chromatic passing notes.
  3. folkpoet80

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    thanks alpha. I wouldn't call it a tune. It's simply a jam session recording.
    thanks for listening!
  4. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Ahem I see one or two instances where bends were not properly excuted. and one or tow places where the picking is not even. Most probably coz the leads were played impromptu.

    Anyway, dude the leads are getting repititive after a while.
  5. folkpoet80

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    yep yep, i actually recorded it first and he recorded his on top of his so miscoordination is inevitable. We are about 500 miles apart!
  6. jozko

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    Enjoyed it folk! dunno musical aspects. keep posting

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