195 tabs at once...Enjoy!!!

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  1. passione4guitar

    passione4guitar New Member

    Hi everyone,
    Here are couple of songs with tabs. All these are either from this very website or from some other guitar sites. I have just compiled them together over here. I have not tabbed any of these and I don't intend to take the credit for the work I haven't done. Just want to make it more accessible. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have tabbed these beautiful songs....Enjoy!!!!!!

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  2. vinitvm

    vinitvm New Member

    gr8 work.......thanks.....
  3. atti2d

    atti2d New Member

    thanks dude, thank you very much.

    RAHUL.AGRRWAL New Member

    Tons of thanks for giving this ,

    pls give tab for Dil he badal kaha raha hai & raabhta ( Agent Vinod )

  5. thelasteclipse

    thelasteclipse New Member

    Great Work Man!!! you rock :)
  6. passione4guitar

    passione4guitar New Member

    Thank you everyone...keep enjoying...check the 101 chords also. Cheers!!!!!
  7. amitcool95

    amitcool95 New Member

    dear really this is such a nice stuff that
    OMG was the first sent which came ...
    really i highly appreciate the work done by you
    thanks a ton
  8. crazytabs

    crazytabs New Member

    Great work, dude !!
  9. kvineet

    kvineet New Member

    thank you!
    It looks like gr8 place to start learning.... I am a beginner and was looking for guitar tabs
  10. soumyasamanta12

    soumyasamanta12 New Member


    Awesome tabs, i am a beginner and loved playing it, thnk u :)
  11. piyushsalunkhe

    piyushsalunkhe New Member

    Hey thanx buddy. it's an awesome collection.
    kudos \m/
  12. passione4guitar

    passione4guitar New Member

    I am glad everyone is enjoying it. I learned to play guitar from this very website. Its time to share all that I have got. I am working on the second batch to be uploaded. Till then keep enjoying and playing the guitar.
  13. Sanketmm

    Sanketmm New Member

    thanks dude but many sogs are very short
  14. Sanketmm

    Sanketmm New Member

    in song tum bin the string 'B' you have not written
    but it dosent matters because we are guitarists... lol
  15. anandayinikatt

    anandayinikatt New Member

    thanks alot!!
  16. passione4guitar

    passione4guitar New Member

  17. Abhijit Bagade

    Abhijit Bagade New Member

  18. blackbird_sr71

    blackbird_sr71 New Member

    Thnks man nice tabbing
  19. pragnya

    pragnya New Member

    thanks man... appreciate ur effort
  20. john1903

    john1903 New Member

    thanks a lot :)

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