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    1. harmonizer
      bhai band kar diye kya forum?
    2. jimihndrx
      empty ur inbox
    3. anrinu
      Thnk you soo much for choosing my vedio as one of the good one, Thnks :)
    4. jimihndrx
      Why are you not replying SIR?
      HI friends
      Please share email address which i can use for the conversation and
      Please share Guiter Tabs of raabta( Agent Vinod)
    6. Xonus
      Hi frnz!!!!!!!!!!!
      can ne 1 tell me where i can get free online guitar pro tabs to download like that of enlish songs found in
      thank u alll.............
    7. vinnay
      hi to all ....
      i want to purchase a new guitar , please guide me .
    8. rahulsahu
      ~ Picture Gallery ..
      Many Users want to share there guitar pics .. there videos and this can help forum to grow
      Pics sharing is a great way to interact within members .. in this way we can create a good relations among users
      But Pic storage would require more bandwidth, so it hampers our browsing speed ... but we can try other way like uploading pics on Photobucket sites .. and embedding them in thread

      So please create and sub forum for Sharing Stuffs ... hope this idea will be considered by you
    9. rahulsahu
      Hello Super Admin ..

      I am thankful to you that you considered my suggestions .. and i m back with some new ideas .. hope you like it...

      ~ You will be pretty aware about the suggestions of people on interface of the forum ... I think you need to change it ... i have some example from which you can take Ideas ..

      I m browsing on rockyouguitar forums from a month and i like the interface of that forum .. and i think you would also like it ... here is the link

      Note - Please don't stretch site budget on buying the themes for interface.. there are many computer experts in forums which can help us creating our own Forum Interface ... so just take ideas from different forums and mix it with your own ideas ..
    10. Super-Admin
      Hi Rahul,

      Thanks for taking time and leaving your feedback. We'll work towards improving and incorporating some and / or all of your suggestions.

      Cheers :)
    11. rahulsahu
      The Site is running too good .. but i think there is still need of some Improvement ..

      ~ Changing the Interface

      ~ Adding a donation page for website .. so that the Website Runner get some money to improve the website Bandwith .... and m sure people will love to donate some bucks for the Cool website ( )

      ~ Adding "thnx" option .... i m browsing in many forums ... and in most of the forums there is a option for thanking on each post....... this way we can show how the reputation of profile of a person ...

      ~ Increasing Bandwidth ... I dont know about others .. but the bandwidth of the website is slow .... you can try deleting similar posts ... Dead Posts
    12. Super-Admin
      We encourage participating and contributing to the forum, and not stealing traffic. The only reason you are coming here is because the traffic stopped coming in to your site, isn't it ? Why don't you contribute first before you leech traffic ?

      Talking about being ethical, if you practiced ethical way of doing things, we would have let the link be. But, you don't even acknowledge that you are driving traffic from . How cool is that ?
    13. GCW
      Do u think its ethical removing source link? rather u should have removed the whole post.
    14. kuheli sen
      kuheli sen
      hhi frindzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    15. kuheli sen
      kuheli sen
      hi all frzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    16. Super-Admin
      @Tapas - Thank you for your valuable feedback. We'll soon have a classified section for that. We have received a lot of request for the same in the past.

      However, we need to work out certain conditions before we have a section functional.
    17. tapas.perti
      Hi ... I want to ask you about your post regarding the buy-sell forum ... Where should such threads or posts be posted because there is no proper forum ??? There is no proper market for second hand goods as such, so I guess maybe creating a separate forum will be handy
    18. Super-Admin
      @Coolsorav - Hi Buddy :) .. Hope you are learning on our forum :)
    19. coolsourav93
    20. Super-Admin
      @Moody - I'm sorry if I missed, but which town are you from ? And regarding Jam, we definitely ca fix it up !!

      @Ashy - Welcome and you deserve it. You've been helpful around here and patient enough to guide people with how much ever you know. Cheers mate !
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