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Aug 21, 2015
Apr 29, 2011
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Aug 21, 2015
    1. dragonball
      I did get my guitar but not from him. Sorry to hear about your case..
    2. gajanan
      My final price would be 8k . The guitar is worth so much . it is very well maintained . I ll give u a gig bag , few plectrums n a cable with the guitar. The problem is i stay in bangalore . I have never done any interstate shipping .so if u have any friend or relative in bangalore , i ll give the guitar to them n they can ship it to u . That way u can be sure abt the condition of the guitar too .
      Let me know .....
    3. den
      yeah thats cool...
      online who, i can check my prices there..window shopping!! :P
      anyway i will most probably take a new guitar now i think..my budget is fairly low, but then i thought to myself hey let me get a new guitar now, which will have the smell of cardboards rather than someone else..i am not a very high profiled guitarist..later when i get better i will upgrade (dont need to have the better ones right now)
    4. den
      10-14k.. atmost..
      so 18k is out of my range..
      anyway u still could suggest your dealer, just give me the shop and address
    5. den
      sorry dude, i dont have exact idea abt the 112V model, but the 112J model costs around 13.7k ..
      so hope that helps... :)
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