Zoom G2.1Nu MultiEffects Guitar Processor

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  1. JaxyNikil

    JaxyNikil New Member

    I am selling my new Zoom G2.1Nu processor which is 10 months old with the original Zoom Power supply.....Absolutely Mint in Condition.....Bought it for 12,600 Including the power supply.....Fantastic unit for the price....Built with a metal chassis and tough chrome buttons.......2 years warranty remaining....
    Comes with a Original Cubase LE5 Digital Studio Software by which u can record your guitar in Digital quality by just connecting the processor to the PC via USB....Pls refer the Zoom website for more detailed information regarding the unit....

    Pls dont confuse this unit by Zoom G2.1u....Its a G2.1Nu , not G2.1u....
    Reason for selling : Upgrading to Line 6 Pod HD500

    Price : 9500/-
    Can ship to any location in India....
    Contact me for further info...


    Video Demo :
    ‪Zoom G2.1Nu Effects Processor‬‏ - YouTube

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  2. jhon_gopal

    jhon_gopal New Member

    is it still there for sale? give me your contact number, one of my friend seems to be interested. thank you.
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  3. JaxyNikil

    JaxyNikil New Member

    Hey sorry mate....I am pullin off the deal.....I just sold my Guitar.....So Investing all the money I have on the new Guitar....Cant afford a Pod HD500 upgrade at the moment......Ill sell it after 2 months.......will let you know at the time....Thanks
  4. allen sebastian

    allen sebastian reverbnation.com/nissi

    hey jaxyNikil i loved the stuff u have,.. so btw what guitar you just got??
  5. JaxyNikil

    JaxyNikil New Member

    Thanks man.....Even I love my processor.....I still haven't bought any new guitar yet......I am confused between d Fender Mexican Standard and Fender Squier Classic Vibe 50s strat......I haven't played the CV50....But heard a lot of great things about it , Many saying its a lot better than Mexican strats which costs 10k more.....So I want to take some time and do the homework before buying anything......Its a Stratocaster.....thats for sure....
  6. allen sebastian

    allen sebastian reverbnation.com/nissi

    thats beautiful!!! Classic vibe is beautiful.. get one soon and post some pics ;-)
  7. JaxyNikil

    JaxyNikil New Member

    Sure bro...will do :)
  8. mhttshr

    mhttshr New Member

    up for sale still?

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