Zoom 505 II Multi-effects Guitar Pedal for sale (For sale in Bangalore only)

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    I am selling barely used 3 year old possession : Zoom 505 II Multi-effects Guitar Pedal in good working condition. Minor signs of wear and tear.Everything is working except it fails to work with AA batteries so you have to use it always with 9V adopter (One included in this package)

    Price 2295/- Only, Cash and Carry, Only for sale in Bangalore

    This is a very good pedal with loads of effects, nice to have when you are a beginner and experimenting. I bought a new guitar amp with inbuilt effects that I frequently use

    Reviews & Ratings : Zoom 505 II Effects at zZounds
    What it is capable of : Zoom 505ii - Goodbye old friend - YouTube
    Operation Manual : www.zoom.co.jp/download/E_505II.pdf

    Package includes : Zoom 505 II Multi-effects Guitar Pedal, 9V 500 mA adopter.

    Product Features :
    • Built-in effects: max. 9 simultaneous/33 total
    • Effects modules: max. 7 simultaneous (5 modules = 1 block)
    • Banks and patches: 6 banks x 6 patches = 36 patches (rewritable with memory store capability)
    • A/D converter: 16-bit
    • 64x oversampling
    • D/A converter: 16-bit
    • 8x oversampling
    • Sampling Frequency: 31.25 kHz
    • Input: GUITAR input: standard mono phone jack (rated in/out level -20 dBm/input impedance 470 kilohms)
    • Output: Standard stereo phone jack (doubles as line and headphone jack) (maximum output level +5 dBm/output load impedance 10 kilohms or more)
    • Control Input: for optional FP01 or FP02/FS01
    • Display: 2-digit 7 segment LED
    • Power requirements: Separately available AC adapter
    300 mA (center minus plug) (ZOOM AD-0006); Will also work with a 12V adapter.
    • Dimensions (H x W x D): 40 x 125 x 145mm
    • Weight (without batteries): 280 g

    Please message me your queries.
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