Zoobi Doobi song (3 idiots) tab

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  1. ShreD

    ShreD New Member

    I was just picking random frets & accidentally played the intro part. After that I worked out next part & here's the tab -
    Part one part two part three part four

    Above tab sounds like this part of the song (chorus) -

    Zoobi doobi zoobi doobi pum paara (part one)
    Zoobi doobi param pum (part two)
    Zoobi doobi zoobi doobi naache kyun (part three)
    Paagal stupid mann (part four)

    The tab is not showing up properly, so download this text file - View attachment Zoobi Doobi Guitar Tab.txt
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  2. Naresh Kashyap

    Naresh Kashyap New Member

    I want the full tabs of the song

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