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Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by waleed (London), Dec 14, 2006.

  1. jamhead

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    its not zionism at work.... its darwinism.

    its no mean achievement to be able to control the usa, the ussr, germany, uk, the world media, hollywood, all manner of business, international banking, most of physics, chemistry, economics, chess, arts, administration, you name it.

    the history of the world is the history of the jews and you (waleed) know it very well or at least should. your very religion wouldnt even exist without them.

    wait let me add a few streaming videos of mine...
  2. jamhead

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  3. Jamhead - You make the common mistake and what most Zionists use to dismiss all argument or discussion agaist Israel and that is the acusation of anti-semitism.

    They have been using this card time and time again but it is wearing thin and people are beggining to cotten on.

    I never used the word Jew (which you have) and I am not anti-semetic as I am a semite myself.
    Further to prove that I am not am not racist, and look at each person as individuals. Some of the people I admire and respect are Jews (Bob Dylan, Noam Chomsky, Israel Shamir, Gilad Atzmon, The Nutrie Karta sect etc. rtc.)
    So please do not tarnish me with the 'Jewish hater' brush.

    As for Darwinism I always thought that this was an evolutionist theory and a racist one at that, which typified Victorian White imperialist thinking.

    Zionism is a political idealogy and akin to Nazism as they both project a superiority of thier race above all others.
  4. jamhead

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    1) nazism - national soialism = you dont come first, your country does.

    2) zionism = a movement started by Theodore Hertzl to reinstall jews in their land.

    3) Darwinism is true and proven. happens among man and beast alike, happens in football pitches and physics laboratories alike.

    4) whats a person who so hates "racism" doing supplying a link to a video of David Duke, the infamous white supremacist??

    5) please explain how its bad or wrong to be the leaders in business, science, arts, finance, chess, administration, et all??
    by your token it must have been a crime for Clive Lloyd's team to be so good at cricket or brazilians to be so good at football.
    brazil's being so good at football and jews' being so good at just about everything else is another vindication of darwinism.
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    Lol ..

  6. Jamhead -
    Once again you are implying anti-Semitism.
    What part of 'I do not hate Jews' don’t you understand?

    Your answers are very superficial and you need to do a thorough research on Zionism.

    I have no problem with any one climbing to top of their chosen profession
    providing it is done through fair and just means.
    (read nepotism, positive discrimination, bribery, intimidation, blackmail and so on)

    The problem I do have however is the abuse of power which then is used to brutalise another nation or race.

    Most people, including you, fall for the myth of Jewish people being superior and accept their power and status.
    I question how they achieved this power and if you read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion you will find out how they have achieved their goals and continue to remain in control.
    I can assure you if any other race used a similar strategy they would also dominate the world.

    It is just too simplistic to explain the Zionist barbarism as purely animalistic survival of the fittest.
    First of all we all have morals and ethics as well as the other attributes like rationalising and logic which separates us from other species.

    As for accusing David Duke being a White Supremacist, exposes the ploy of deliberate dismissal of listening to some one else’s point of view.
    Does he not have a right to make his point in an open and democratic society even if we disagree with it?

    This is the prime reason why Israel is getting away with the atrocities it is committing.
    It with, its Zionist control of all the agencies, you have admitted to, has managed to squash any debate or discussion by playing the anti-Semitism card.

    If they are not guilty then what do they need to hide or be afraid of?

    I will reiterate ‘Truth needs no censorship’
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    Waleed rocks.
  8. jamhead

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    boss, get your facts right - the protocols are fabricated. one of the greatest fabrications.

    and just how by mere manupulation can half the path breaking physics in the world be invented by jews, is beyond me. are you telling me gell-man, feynman, schwinger, i.i. rabbi, witten etc had/have no talent, and have managed to take physics forward thanks merely to manupulation??

    same applies to jews in every field.

    you who take exception at israel's and usa's so called attrocies on muslims - what do you have to say about the sword of islam which hammered innocents whereever they could in 3 continents for 1000 years???
  9. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Eh am n00 to this discussion.
    But I wonder, how many of Jews in the present world are descendent of the "pure blood" (the ones that were the origianal followers of Moses and Abraham).

    Same is the case with Muslims and Chirstians.

    :RollLol: @ the idea of calling Jews a race.

    So, if I got converted to Jewism, me and my progeny would start belongin to the Jewish race? :shock:
  10. shak

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    lol here we go again .. sword of islam!

    oye pumpkin! make a new thread for sword of islam and i'll see that i frag your squeaky ass to bits over there .. keep this thread for zionists ...

    i am a little skeptical of the protocols as well .. but all this halabaluja about fabrication by russian secret police CAN possibly be a cover-up! who knows ...

    still even if the protocols are a hoax and fabrication ... the practices and history aint very different from the 'prescription'

    @alpha: lol .. thats the general idea ... pretty dodgy i know but works for some reason
  11. Jamhead are you saying that there were no great inventors/Scientists/Philosophers in any other religion?

    And plucking 'Half of path breaking physics' is a gross generalisation.
    Please qualify your statement otherwise don't specify.

    By bringing religion again into the argument you once again expose your fanaticism and Islamophobia.

    Blaming Muslims for the past and using that as an excuse for the current slaughter is quite dispicable.
    So with your reasoning we can justify the slaugter of Germans for thier past or the English & Spanish for thier genocide of South American and African civillizations or indeed the Americans for what they did to the Red Indians and African slaves.

    We are living in the 21st Centuary and we should have learnt from the past mistakes.

  12. Very Good point.

    The Saphardic Jews actually are Khazars from Europe who converted to Juadism and are not Semetic at all.

    I too make a false claim as my forefathers were most likely to be Hindus as I am Rajput.

    Jamhead - Same old trick Dismiss Protocols as fake and hence squash any any disscussion.

    Tell me why if it is a fake that virtually every goal that this book sets out for the Zionists to acheive has been realised?
    Remember this was written circa 1912.
  13. jamhead

    jamhead Unknown Legend

    ok, for once you ahve inspired me to make a new thread.

    see you there.
  14. Iraqita_EP

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    ^^yesterday i met an imam in delhi on a skul trip and before hand only i told him that i didnt believe in any religion though i believed in god..........he welcomed me wid open arms into the mosque and made us all(hindus,sikhs,christians,etc)feel very welcome
    and noone in the mosque cared from wich religion we were
    i dunno wer u get the ideas that islam is the root cause of the current problems
  15. thehundredthone

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    Islam is not the root cause of all the problems, but you can very well say that people (read so called terrorists) are using Islam as a convenient guidebook. It really should be upto all Muslims to defend this right?

    Also, most of the times fundamentalists are to blame, because in most of the middle east fundamentalists rule the people. The people couldn't care any less either, which is sad to say the least.
  16. shsnawada

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    Firstly, who the hell expects any media source (be it random blog guy, al jazzera, Fox, emonewsformetro***ualgypsies, etc) to be “fair” in any way?
    CNN is a good news source. For a pro American, rich, democrats’ point of view on everything.
    And secondly, I think that most rich Americans and American Jews are actually Zionist sympathisers and not Zionists themselves. There’s a big difference, and I doubt that Wolf blitzer is actually a full fledged Zionist.
  17. jamhead

    jamhead Unknown Legend

    thats one imam who has done his homework.

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