Zinda(Lootera) Guitar Chords

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    Song- Zinda Hoon Yaar
    Film- Lootera
    Lyrics- Amitabh Bhattacharya
    Music & Singer- Amit Trivedi

    : Intro of this song reminds me of a Beatles number "Here Comes The Sun"

    Verse 1:
    (A)Mujhe chhod do mere (F#m)haal pe..
    ..Mujhe (A)chhod do mere (F#m)haal pe
    ..zinda hoon (D)yaar kaafi (AM7)hai..
    ..zinda hoon (Bm)yaar..kaafi (A)hai..
    repeat verse

    (D)Oo..kaafi (A)hai..Kaafi (D)hai


    (D)Hawaaon se (F#m)jo maanga hissa (A)mera..(Asus4)..(A)
    ..Toh (D)badle main (F#m)hawa ne saans (A)di..(Asus4)..(A)
    (D)Akelepan se (F#m)chhedi jab gufta(AM7)gu..
    ..Mere (Bm)dil ne aawaaz (A)di..(Asus2)..(A)

    (D)Mere haathon, (F#m)hua jo kissa (A)shuru..(Asus4)..(A)
    (D)Usey poora toh (Bm)karna hai (A)mujhe..(Asus4)..(A)
    ..Qabr (D/F#)par mere (Bm)sar utha ke (C#m)khadi ho zindagi
    (D)Aise (Bm)marna hai (A)mujhe..(Asus4)..(A)

    Verse 2:
    (A)Kuch maangna baa(F#m)qi nahi..
    ..Kuch (A)maangna baa(F#m)qi nahi
    ..Jitna mi(D)la kaafi (AM7)hai..
    ..Zinda hoon (Bm)yaar..kaafi (A)hai!

    rest is same

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    nice one. keep it up. Want to see your chord on tabandchord

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