"Zinda hoon" intro and chords,OST-Zinda my version

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    Zinda ---tabbed by

    George Thomas George
    send ur feedbak...!!

    ********i fell in love with this song so much, that i thought of doin justice to
    it by giving the right tabs, i am sure there are many guys
    looking fwd to the perfect tabs for this song. try playing along
    with the song and u will find how good it is..!!!!**************************

    standard tuning:

    g-----------5-------------------------2-------2-------|5 times


    verse :
    Csus2--- X35533(for a better tone) or x355xx
    Fmaj --- 133211

    Csus2--- X35533 or x355xx
    Ex---- x68866
    Fmaj --- 133211

    Ex---- x68866
    Csus2--- X35533
    Fmaj --- 133211
    Csus2--- X35533

    yeh hai meri kahani
    khamosh zindigani
    Csus2 -----------Fmaj
    sannata keh raha hai
    kyun zulm seh raha hai

    (same patter for the following stanza)

    aik dastaan purani
    tanhayi ki zubani
    her zakham khil reh raha hai
    kuch mujh say keh raha hai


    chubtay kantay yadoon kay daaman say chunta hoon

    girti deewaron kay aanchal mai zinda hoon

    (same pattern through out)

    bass yeh meri kahani
    be nishaan nishaani
    aik derr beh raha hai
    kuch mujh say keh raha hai

    chubtay kantay yadoon kay daaman say chunta hon
    girti deewaron kay aanchal mai zinda hon

    (john's Part)..

    (verse pattern)
    Csus2--------------------- Fmaj

    bajay pyaar k shabnum mere gulistaan mai
    barasray rehtay hain her simt maut k saye
    siyahioon say ulajh perhti hain meri aankhin
    koi nahi .. koi bhi nahi jo bataye
    kitni der ujalon ki rateen
    koi nahi hai koi bhai nahi
    na pass na durr
    yeh pyaar hai
    dil ki dherkan
    apni chahat ka jo ellan kesay jati hai
    zindagi hai jo jeay jati hai
    khoon k ghoont peay jati hai
    kuwaab aankhin say siaye jati hai


    ab na koi passs hai
    phir bhi ahsas hai
    Ex-------------- Csus2
    yahiaon mai uljhi pari
    Fmaj------------- Csus2
    jeenay ki aik aas hai
    Ex------------------- Csus2
    yadoon ka j angal yeh dil
    Fmaj----------------- Csus2
    kanton say jal thal yeh dil


    chubtay kantay yadoon kay daaman say chunta hon
    girti deewaron kay aanchal mai zinda hon
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    I realize that there are many tabs alreadry posted for the same song, however i wasnt pleased with any of them.. so here is my version.........Please try playing along with the song and u will find it quite accurate...!! however am open to criticism...!! please do let me know if there is any correction...!!! take care...!!

    BIG_EVIL Guitaring Machine

    aww man i wanted to post the introooooooo
    khair nice tabs & chords
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    kewlllllllllllllllll....good wrk
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    Again................. Solo is missing...
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    now dis is wt i call THE BEST, keep it u dude.
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    thnx all for ur encouragement...!! i really appreciate it...!! and hey nadish i have posted the lead tabs for the song too...!! check it out...!!
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    hey this was really nice.. the chords suit well..nice work!! cheers

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