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    Many of today´s young guitarists look at guitar playing like a kind of sport. If you train long enough and know the right tricks, you can make it to the top. But what is there to gain? One thing is for shure: There will always be someone who plays slower than you, and someone that plays faster. If not today, then tomorrow.

    Half of the audience is female. Most of them don´t get turned on by someone who performs guitar -aerobic.

    Rather think of yourself as a singer than a guitar player. Treat each single note with love, and it will turn into a powerful tool. There are a million ways to play a single note. Play with that note. Feel the string and your fingers on it. Touch your guitar like a lady. Make her moan. Start to feel good.

    Nothing to prove. Forget about all you scales. Start to listen to this moment - it´s the only one that exists.

    Relax..... and suddenly you have something to say. Talk to your audience with your guitar. Adress each single note and you will feel the response immediately. Play sensually! Watch the girls. You can see it in their eyes..

    If you look in this direction, you will be able to develope your own, unique, personal tone. It takes time and more courage than to perform some speedlicks, but it´s worth it. And you will be miles ahead of the armada of Malmsteen and Satriani clones.

    A good way to learn how to make your guitar speak, is to play the vocal part of a song.

    Take i.e Aretha Franklin´s "I say a little prayer" (or any other love song) and play the vocal part on the guitar. Now, that you have no words, you have to add all those little nuances that gives each note a vocal-like quality.

    At first it may sound stupid, and you realize, how simple good melodies can be. Now it´s up to you, the artist, to fill them with meaning and expression. That´s when noise turns into music.


    More "lessons" : http://www.maui.net/~zen_gtr/lessons.html
  2. shak

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    ^ i disagree completely .. you cant force yourself to love each note .. you cant force yourself to talk through guitar .. (it all should come naturally)
    and please dont look at the girls while playing guitar .. unless you know your way around the fretboard blindfolded and unless you are on viagra prescription ... and this perverse attitude towards guitar (touch your guitar like a lady .. feel her .. blah blah electric orgasmotrons yack a yack bump that cable jack .. phbbtt phbbtt) is not normal

    /end of pointless chatter
  3. Morbid_Angel

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    You just stole ma words bro.

    This tutorial is totally untrue.
  4. rohit

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    the only word i agree with in above article is relax.
    relaxation is most imp to be a good guiarist.
  5. SG1

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    Well Everyone Have there own prospective Alpha and i hope u agree with that .. for me YES girls are there but only when am performing on stage, at jam practice i can't feel ma own music without drinking, at home i can't play music and creat it untill am in mood to do so it all depends on every other person, most people don't agree with me abt the Drinking habbit i got while jamming .. but thats the way i feel ma music dude so yea it kinda make sence to me for everything theres MASTER CARD
  6. alpha1

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    So I get the feel of level of people here.
  7. I think what Alpha is trying to get at is that the Guitar has to become an extension of your own body. To play really well, every sound you make on it has to hit a nerve in your body.

    That i totally agree with.

    I compare it with kissing with your eyes closed.
    The experience is more sensational.

    Look at Santana playing guitar with his eyes closed when he has to emphasis emotion.

    As for girls - Well why not, if that is what motivates you?
  8. SG1

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    As i said Every have there own thinking about this matter .. This link and the Practice is not suitable for me .. maybe it is for some other person .. its simple. and Every person have there Own Levels not everyone is Equal. so by ignoring this particular practice ma level won't drop its not very hard to understand.
  9. shak

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    and one silly thread dragged you to a conclusion .. welcome sire you are one of us now ....
  10. alpha1

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    Thanks for the welcum.
  11. uj_6string

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    this reminds me of soulmate's song....if u were my guitar...:p:
    *if u were my guitar, babe, i would have played you...all night long..
    i would have run my fingers across your body...
    i would have made u purr with pleasure, with every single lick..*
  12. SG1

    SG1 "Brown Jesus"

    If You Were Ma Bass Guitar
    I would Have Slaped You Like A Bitch
    Strap You, Hang You On Nails, On Ma Neck
    Tune You The Way I Wanted.

    this could be a funny song
  13. Morbid_Angel

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    A very funny song :) Write a good chorus for this too.
  14. uj_6string

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    lol @SG1:)
  15. Morbid_Angel

    Morbid_Angel Sid the sloth

    Now do u mean Base or Bass?
  16. SG1

    SG1 "Brown Jesus"

    corrected dude
  17. akkyy21

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    ^^ This is damn right. Baki seems phokat ka way of inspiring ppl.
  18. alpha1

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