zara zara (RHTDM) tabs

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  1. soumya256

    soumya256 New Member

    these r d tabs dat cum in d middle of the song...

    e--0-0-7-7-7-7-5-5-3-2-2-3-5-2-3-0-0-0-0- (2 times)


    reply must....
  2. soumya256

    soumya256 New Member

    cum on guyz giv some replies.......
    or corrections
  3. ArindamSarkar

    ArindamSarkar New Member

    Try playing and posting using strings other that the 1st. This is not the way we play a spanish. Nice try though it needs some modifications.
  4. soumya256

    soumya256 New Member


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