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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by Gretsch, Nov 5, 2004.

  1. Gretsch

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    Hey guys, just thought I'd ask what everyone's ultimate guitar(s) and amp set-ups were (cost no option). This is mine:

    I'd go for a 3 guitar set up that has a hollow-body, solid-body and acoustic. They are:
    1958 Gretsch White Falcon (with Bigsby tremelo)
    1958 Gretsch Duo Jet
    1956 Gibson J200

    Amp wise:
    Orange AD140 Head
    Orange 4x12 Cabinet
  2. like i said in one of the a gear idiot..
    but ill go for
    gibson zakk wylde signature bulls eye lp
    jackson rr3 -v
    any of the ibanez highend models with a floyd rose..
    and a fender YJM signature

    marshall jcm-800 amp head and a 4x12 cabinet


    Gretsch yar .. Include price and May be Pic ?? pleash ..
    I also need info ..@ guitar Gear !
    My Mind is set @ Jackson Dinky ..
  4. Gretsch

    Gretsch New Member

    Ah no worries about the "guitar idiot" mate, whatever takes your fancy. That would be one very rockin setup.

    I put in vintage guitars on my list because of the monetary factor. It's completely nuts how much vintage guitars resale for. I got a brochure the other day from, what I rate is the best guitar shop in Sydney, and they were asking $60,000 for a 1957 Fender strat. They did have a 1954, pre-mass production Fender Strat in there, without a price. You can well imagine how much that was going for.

    As for mine, if I only had the AU $100,000 (that's a guess - it's probably more) to actually buy the set up, I'd be in heaven. Saying that I'm sure my dream setup is probably more that 100k.
  5. Gretsch

    Gretsch New Member

    Ravishing, what do you mean by including a price? Do you mean what they are worth? And by a pic, I'm guessing you want a pic of the guitars and amps?

    I don't have pictures of th guitars and amps so here are some links (please note, these photos are not of the vintage guitars themselves but of the re-issues - you'll get the general gist of it though):
    1. White Falcon:

    2. Duo Jet:

    3. Gibson J200:

    4. Orange AD140:

    5. Orange 4x12:
  6. pro_Guitar

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  7. Gretsch

    Gretsch New Member

    Pro, nice guitar. Is that a re-issue '59 or a genuine 1959 build Les Paul Standard?

    Do you have the amp set up as well?

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