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    Dear Sangeetha Rasikas,

    I have created a new tanpura software called "Your Tanpura v2 - Version Carnatica"

    Please download the software from

    I'm not elaborating about its features since you have to rate it and give your feedback.

    The Tanpura needs sound packs which is also available in the above given URL.

    There are three versions consisting of Drone, Tanpura, Drone + Tanpura.

    You may download and install any or all of the sound packs available.

    All files are less than 2MB of size.

    Finally my kind request for you all.

    Please don't create any mirror link for the files and share the above given link.

    I know that rapidshare makes you wait before downloading, but I assure you that you need not wait more than a minute. Please consider the amount of time you wait as the amount of money you donate for my software out my efforts put to create it.

    With Regards,

    G. Balasubramanian
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    Rapidshare Link not working

    Hello Mr. Balasubramanian,

    The above Rapidshare Link is not working. Can you pls check once and re-upload correct link.

  3. mccbala

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    Sorry.. Hi all..
    Dunno whether you found the version 2 useful.. But here it is version 3.
    It has a recording features which lets you record all your practices and archive them!!!
    It also remembers the last shruthi you used so that you need not select the pitch everytime you open the software..

    Chk it out..

    Download Tanpura v3

    Download soundpack from (no need to download if you already have it installed)

    Please download both the files and install them normally..

    Btw, I'm going to buy my first guitar in few days.. Suggest me some good music shops in chennai.. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzz..

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