Your Shoes

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    I try on your shoes
    And walk around a bit.
    I wanted to know,
    How they felt.
    If the will fit.
    Too big,
    Too heavy,
    Hard to keep on track.
    I watched where I've been
    And try to find my way back.
    I try on your shoe,
    Pretending to be you,
    Understanding why,
    You do the things you do.
    My feet hurt,
    I have to sit,
    Take a break.
    I wonder how you wear these,
    Over heavy,
    Tight fitted shoes,
    Every day,
    Never complaining,
    Always so loving
    And supporting,
    About little nothings,
    That I have to overcome,
    In my way,
    When you choose to wear,
    These shoes of yours,
    Each and everyday.
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    anotha one ...
    woo ...
    foloows the KISS philosophy ...

    nice one
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    Thank you again....
  4. Rey1970

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