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    Hey, I've been thinking of this for quite sometime. You can post all of your earlier poems here, the ones we're embarrased to admit because of it's juvenility.....It's really okay if it's silly you know. But mention how old you were at the time you wrote the poems.

    Here's my favourite one.....I was 12 when I wrote it. There are a few blunders in it, see if you can find them.

    Little Meg

    When I first saw her,
    with a broken and limping leg.
    A small crumpled kitten,
    I named her little Meg.

    She was all white in fur
    And had melting black eyes.
    Oh, so sweet you little spur,
    With golden brown dyes

    She used to jump around,
    And scratch and scream aloud.
    Her twitching tufting tail,
    gliding smoothly like a sail.

    When someone took her to task,
    She would peer with innocent eyes.
    No one could have the heart,
    to hear her pitiful cries.

    But she taught us one main thing,
    That life is there to enjoy.
    Be merry drink and sing,
    But never curse or cry.

    Blood red was her fur
    And cold her body felt.
    When the cars bumper,
    Hit her little breast.
  2. esgallindeion

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    Thats a nice and sweet little poem, especially for a 12 yr old... :)

    This one I wrote just after I first finished reading Lord of The Rings, 12 yrs, and I'm not embarrassed of it, but its a bit childish...

    Concerning Ents

    I'm The strongest, I'm the oldest,
    Amongst all folk Eru makest.

    I know no fear, I know no pain,
    To try and hit me is ever so vain.

    I love the forests, I love the tree,
    And all folk that may or may not walk free.

    My speech is long, my anger terrible,
    Most folk may find me ever so dull.

    I think a lot, I think more than I talk,
    Unfatigued, long distances do walk.

    I am not hasty, I like to wait,
    And learn from the mistake,
    That hastier folk do make.
  3. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :"(

    I can walk.
    I can talk.
    I can eat.
    I can sit.
    I can fly.
    okie thts a lie.
  4. Nanda

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    No idea about mine, but this is Cobains

    Dad doesnt like mom
    mom doesnt like dad
    I dont like mom
    I dont like Dad
    Then y cant i b sad

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