You(Part 2)

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    This is the second part of You.......................christened

    Only You

    I wish I had written it earlier, to make my feelings about you clear.
    Didn't know what to do, just thinking about you.
    Finding you in my thought, remembering all the times we've fought.
    So i wrote this song, only for you.

    We've tried hard to forget the past, but memories will last.
    Its all that i fear, not to have you near.
    My feeling about you getting clearer please do no disappear.
    But its you, only you.

    I'll never act this way, I see the destiny pushing away.
    But there's only one thing I like to say, please comeback and stay.
    I can't feel the way i did before, dont turn your back on me anymore.
    So i wrote this song,only for you

    I hope you like thus thing,as we're tied only to a string.
    This is the only thing i can do, to hang on to you.
    Let me take back my life, I cannot live all alone.
    Cause you are the one I've ever known.

    I take all the blame for the sake of being with you.
    So I wrote this song for you
    Only you, please say you love me too......................


    Thanx For Reading
    Plz Post Comments If U Have Any
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