you hate.....some words really..what are they?

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  1. astroguru26

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    some words you hate to listen from in form of philosphy or advice or any thing sort of............

    tell me.....

  2. Amanush...

    Amanush... Tanha Rahi...!

    Thousand Needles...! ( Song Of Hate )

    I am humbly submitting some thoughts concerning ' Hate '. Hope that they fit here...!

    Hate is not a beautiful feeling, but it is inevitable... if so much has
    been loved, and if so much has been suffered for guilt of this
    love... it is inevitable that love turns itself into hate... maintaining
    the same intensity

    I have wandered in the desert roads
    as an uneasy and rebellious soul

    I have felt the anger pulsate,
    in my veins by now gone crazy

    Its only hate that can free my mind
    pierced by the pain of thousand needles,
    it is only the hate that can save me
    a fury, a torment vast as the sea…
    An inexorable wave
    that holds itself back,
    then to return more violently

    Hate and pain,
    combat my anxieties,
    Hate and pain,
    struggle on my fears

    I have submitted my hopes to hate
    while thousand needles destroy me,
    thousand needles for every your look
    thousand needles for every your caress

    I have wandered in the desert roads,
    scorning my hot tempered loneliness.


  3. d_ist_urb_ed

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    ^Very good, post the poem in the Poetry and Lyrics forum.
    Some words i hate listening to are cliche proverbs from people. Like when i slip and fall, "Look before you leap". I'd love to look at the arsehole leaping off a cliff
    When the deadline for my homework assignment's passed and this guy says, "Time and tide wait for no-one" I'd love for the guy's time to be done drowning in high tide
  4. Petunia

    Petunia terminally dorky

    when ur going thru a helluva shi*ty time and someone says..."i no exactly what you're going thru"

    similar experiences?..fine i understand..but they have no clue as to what is hppenin with us.

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