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    how's it goin guys, this is my first post. i chanced upon the site when lookin for lyrics for one of lucky ali's songs. man what a lucky find... this is awesome. i've always wondered how in the hell is there no guitar or chords site for hindi songs on the whole web and here i find the biggest one on the net! haha this is tight. great work guys who started here and posted.

    someone was requestin chords for chand mera dil. the song from hum kisise kum nahin. i had trouble gettin it at first because i know it starts at Am and goes to G but i was tryin to figure out what chord it goes to after G until i realized that though the melody changes, the harmony stays the same at the G chord! so that's really the main thing to catch. otherwise the song is quite simple and a classic.

    Chand mera dil...

    Chandini ho tum...

    Chand se hum..


    Chandini kahan...

    repeat for ... 'laut kar aana...'

    i know that there's another part of the song but i dont like it as much. this is a great song just to chill and strum to. i like the short version they played in main hoon na which is how i found the song

    i also know the guitar solo in between the verses, i'll post that up shortly too when i get the time.

    the melody also starts on the A note and is fairly simple to figure out.
    this song sounds real nice when a piano and guitar and bass just jam out together.
    I would suggest the pianist to play broken chords and the melody at the ame time...
    left hand--> A, C, E, A right hand (8va)--> ABCED
    and so on...
    just play the basic chord and add the higher root to complete the chord

    the guitarist can smoothly play the chords and head up the singing and play the solo in between...

    the bassist can merely follow the chord structure and create the root and foundation of the chord by playing the note of the chord and maybe some soft intervals to help create transition

    a soft drum in the background would be really nice too.

    apart from the lead singer, since the song is pretty simple adding some background vocals in the same key at the transitions is nice. like 'ay hai...'
    'oh ho...' 'hmm hmm..'

    hope this helps guys, i know that it's really long but i'm really excited about my first post i guess. one of my friends has some recording equipment at school and we're gonna record some of my songs but also record some cool covers like this and stuff so i'll try to post a link to that jam once we get it down. well take it easy guys... much love, peace
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    sorry about this post guys, it seems like it's wrong. i hvaent heard the song in a long time and i'm pretty tired. i think the chords might be wrong so don't heed them too much. i think the ideas for the jam and piano and bass work pretty good though. take care guys, peace
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    dude dont apologize man :) keep posting. maybe i sounded harsh on my previous post. that wasnt my intention. your chords weent wrong, just incomplete.
  5. Subhro

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    yep.. thats right.. :) dont get dishrtnd..

    just look at me :eek:: .. ur chords r just incomplete..
    mine were not even incomplete.. they were worse.. ask Jay :) but "i got the idea right" as the gr8 man said :nw: :)

    bye tk cre.. & keep posting
    chill :beer: Subhro
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    guys in the verse, i don't believe there's a D minor. i could be wrong but i just don't hear it. it should go Am and then G and then G again. i don't think a Dm chord should be used when playing that part but i could be wrong.

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    yea u r rt man!! there is only bass in the verse.. i and closely listened to the bass..
    it goes..(A-EE-A) (G D C) (G DD C) (E C) (D something) ( D F something)

    so its Am G G C C Dm Dm7 Am ! try that and see if it fits.

    I eat my own words. U didnt put 1 chord for every 2, i assumed 2 for every one.

    but try Dm and Dm7... thats what the bass does.


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