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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by vikramchamp, Feb 1, 2009.

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    Hi guys this is a most interesting forum site. I can finally get to dive into indian music on guitar.

    I've been playing for 4 years, tho i din take lessons and i'm a not a hardcore player cos there were times i just left my guitars alone for long periods lol. I've mostly stuck to western and japanese music on guitar. Started with a Fender Squire electric guitar with a lousy fender amp haha, but it was exciting enough. Then a year or so after that i bought a classical guitar (gifted by my grandpa who was reminded of his love for music LOL). about 1.5 years back i bought a new amp and a acoustic guitar ( which is an inexpensive Cort and cant be played on amp Zzzzz )

    I'm now in love with mostly acoustic and classical guitar and have given up on electric since haha, for many a reason. I love instrumental music, especially mixes of piano, guitar and some traditional string instruments. Orchestral tracks too. Though i've stopped playing electric, thats no reason to say i have no interest in rock/hard rock. Still love it still listen to it.

    Anyways im a bit of an audiophile as well. I love nothing but the best quality songs. Recently bought a DAC and a pair of AKG k 701 headphones. Life truly rocks now.

    And finally a few days back i decided to start learning some hindi songs on guitar as well to broaden my perspective as well to involve myself in another beautiful part of timeless music itself. I'll also be trying to study some theory along with sing along songs.

    Hope to learn a lot from u guys so do teach me whatever you can. I can offer some insight as well in certain areas of music too so i hope i can help. feel free to ask anything.

    And lol i forgot something important. I am into hindi vocals too. Love singing. Guitar makes it better :) I'm very much into bollywood music as well as some others like Kailash Kher's own albums. I'e heard some tamil/ telugu songs that are just so beautiful it makes me heartbroken to know i cant speak the language. One example is Anjali by Mr. Subramanium/ A.r Rahman's composition, speaking of which my number one music director is A.R Rahman. Pure genius, just magic.

    I'm an Indian citizen but i've moved to Singapore since when i was 5. Its been 15 years already. Still in Singapore lol.

    Hope to rock with all of you.

    Cheers to all,

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    welcome dude......
    though everyone else at IGT seems 2 b dead....

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