Yeh raat yeh chandani by hemant kumar tabs

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  1. lovableabhi

    lovableabhi New Member

    this is a good song of hemant kumar :

    yeh raat yeh chandani phir kahan

    sun ja dil ki dastan.......

    same chords go on (almost )for the para. i dont remember the words
    will figure them out and post soon..
  2. virajsusarla

    virajsusarla New Member

    You are right with your chords.. sound good to me. Keep the good work.
    One suggestion ..(do not take offence .. of late I find a lot of recent IGTans not taking suggestions sportingly) it is always nice if you can make an effort and post the mukhda and definitely raises ur rep....I know you have said you will post the rest of the song soon.. look forward to it.
  3. ahaldar

    ahaldar New Member

    Pl. Complete the song tabs

    Pl.complete the great beginning. Give the remaining tabs for the whole song.
  4. ahaldar

    ahaldar New Member

    Where is the rest of the song?

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