Yeh Joh Des Hai Tera II - Easy Chords

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  1. sumantmodak

    sumantmodak Musically Yours !!!

    well chords i posted befor were just too tough to play , they go well with the keyboard thou but this is the very simple version of fanstastic A.R Rehman Song

    hope you all like it, correctios are more than welcome
    and Reps are badly needed !

    Enjoy .................!

    Yeh Joh Des Hai Tera
    Swades Hai Tera
    Tujhe Hai Pukara
    C Am
    Yeh Woh Bandhan Hai , Jo Kabhi Toot Nahi Sakta

    Mitti Ke Hai Jo Khushboo
    Tu Kaise Bhulayega
    Tu Chahe Bah jaaye
    Tu Laut Ke Aayega
    Nayi Nayi Rahon Mein
    Dabi Dabi Aahon
    Am Am
    Khoye Khoye Dil Se Tere , Koi Yeh Kahega

    Yeh Joh Des........................

    Am Am
    Tujhse Jindgi , Hai Yeh Keh Rahi
    Am Am
    Sab Toh paas Mere , Ab Hai Kya Kami
    C C
    Yoon Toh Saare Sukh Hai Barse , Par Door Tu Hai Apne Ghar Se
    F F
    Aa Laut Chal Tu Apni Bahein , Chal Koi To Tujhe Apna Mane
    Awaaz De Tujhe Bulaye, Wahi Desh

    Yeh Joh Des......................

    Am Am
    Yeh Pal Hai Wahi, Jisme Hai Chupi
    Am Am
    Poori Ek Sadi, Saari Jindgi
    C C
    To Na pooch Raaste me Kya Hai , Aaye hain is tarah doh Rahe
    F F
    Tuhi Toh Raah ,joh sujhaye, Tuhi toh hai rab jo baataye
    F F
    jaaye to kis disha mein jaaye
    wahi des........................

    Yeh Joh Des................
  2. DJnu

    DJnu New Member

    thnk man really needed this song
  3. itsaidtya2000

    itsaidtya2000 New Member

    nice.. job

    well done man.. !!
  4. akshaybhat

    akshaybhat New Member


    hey dude please submit that in tab form ...! & i want that A.R.rahmans music for swades...!
  5. raghavraghavs

    raghavraghavs New Member

    yeh jo des hai tera
    swades hai tera
    tne hai pukara
    em g
    yeh jo bandhan hai jo nahi toot nahi sakta
    mitti ki hai jo khushboo
    g d
    to kaise bhulayega
    d --------------
    jo chahe nahi chaye too lout ke aayega
    g d
    nayi nayi baaton mein dabbi dabbi batton mein
    d em

    and goes onnn.... !! these are better than the above ones !
    this is the forst time i eva played the songs with rit chords !
  6. 52GuitarKeys

    52GuitarKeys New Member

    C# mein song hai.

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