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    hi! :)

    i m a new member in this forum. i went thru all the previous mails posted here and am really glad to collect so much of information. well, i want to request mr. redalert :nw: to post the chords for the songs by kishore kumar you have mentioned in one of ur mails.

    to contribute from my side, i have chords for one song which is absent from this forum till now

    ...........YEH JEEVAN HAI................

    yeh jeevan hai, is jeevan ka
    A E
    yahi hai, yahi hai, yahi hai rang roop
    D A E D
    thode gam hain, thodi khushiyaan
    A E
    yahin hai, yahin hai, yahin hai chhaanv dhoop
    D A E D

    INTERLUDE: A C#m Gm A C#m Gm A D E (play twice)

    (do listen to song before playing interlude...its played in a particular fashion i cant explain here)

    yeh na socho ismein apni haar hai ki jeet hai
    A D A
    use apna lo jo bhi jeevan ki reet hai
    A D A
    yeh zidd chhodo, yun na todo, yeh dil to darpan hai
    D A E
    yeh jeevan hai........(same pattern follows)

    dhan se na duniya se , ghar se na dwaar se
    saanson ki dor bandhi hai, preetam ke pyaar se
    duniya roothe, ya jag chhute
    yeh aisa bandhan hai
    yeh jeevan hai.....................

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    i have been looking for this song everywhere......... u dont happen to have the tab for it too, do u?

    if any one has the tab please post it here or point out where it is posted

    i'm totallly new at this so i wouldnt be able to find it if it was posted somewhere else,

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    Looks likes you have removed your video. Anyways, here is another one on Youtube that shows the chords but does not show the strumming :-(

    I am a new member of this forum. And a newbie at Guitar too. Really enjoying it this forum and hope to put share some tabs soon :)

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