Yeh duniya kitni ajeeb hai...

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  1. kuns200

    kuns200 New Member

    Yeh duniya kitni ajeeb hai...

    Mein kabhi soo raha hu , toh tum kahi duuur jaag rahe ho.
    Yaha mein garmi mein jal raha hu , toh tum waha sardi mein khass rahe ho.

    Lamha toh ek hi hai magar duniya kein rang mein woh badal jatein hai.
    Kashti toh wohi hai magar nadi ka rukh badal jata hai.
    Insaan toh wohi hai magar pyaar kein izahaar sein nazarya badal jata hai.

    Yeh sab magar hai phir bhi..
    Aaj bhi sooraj hamesha poorab sein pashchim hi guzarta hai...
    Beetein lamhe hamesha rula ja tein hai.

    Ajeeb hai na,....magar such hai Ki

    Hum abhi bhi pyaar kartein hai tumse.... magar
    tumhari khushi kein liyee ..chalo hum bhi badal jatein hai.
  2. good one....
  3. ^ haha buddha bbhi hai khaans raha hai
  4. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    I dint get the relation between these three lines!?!?!?!?!
  5. kuns200

    kuns200 New Member

    1st para...even whn we are distant ...i was noticing every little things for u.

    2nd para... u r still the same as u look before but ur behaviour is changed after i xpressed my feelings to u...even u changed... u dont want to be frnd anymore.

    3rd para...i still wake up in morning and think of u..dont know why... even after all this happened and i cry sumtime.

    final lines.... after all these things i should be off now.. but no...i still miss u and care u more. its just tht ....i dont show them up now in any way which i used to do earlier.
    Hence,I am changing myself for better u and better me.

  6. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    is that your real story, wel the previous 1 u'd posted was before u proposed,
    so this is afterwards?

    neways I liked the poetry....I like hindi poems, only that they are bit difficult to spell in English!
  7. kuns200

    kuns200 New Member

    not real... but trying different imaginative stories to write in .. u know, people around me.
    get inspired from them.

    @horsemouth....ur english poem takes time for me.. i need to take dictionary wid me.
    he heeee...
  8. who r the ppl around you ....?
  9. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    yea? good.....
    I most oftenly write things pertaining to me....

    n like to play with words in poetry, especially if they emphasize the real meaning behind it.....

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