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    This thread is meant for those who keep asking for chords and don't know how to figure out
    themselve .Basically, it is very easy to do so. You just need to remember some formulae..

    Keys- A normal song can be in C D E F G A B.....these keys...

    Notes- Keys contains some notes. The formulae is...
                  Root  1  1  1/2  1  1  1  1/2
    1-> Whole tone/note = 2 frets
    1/2 -> Semi tone = 1 fret
    Root means the key...

    In this way....
    C scale can contain only these notes..
    C      D   E   F   G   A   B  and back to C
    root   1   1  1/2  1   1   1              1/2
    (C scale is called "Natural Scale" bocz it doesn't have any flats or Sharps)

    D can contain only these notes...
    D      E   F#   G   A   B   C#  and back to D
    root   1   1   1/2  1   1   1              1/2
    E can contain only....

    E      F#  G#  A   B   C#  D#  and back to E
    root   1   1  1/2  1   1   1              1/2

    Now comes the minor major problem..
    You can ask..Why a song in C scale doesn't have D maj or E maj or Gm etc...
    Well, there is a basic theory behind this...
    M m m M 7th m m7b5    (m7b5 means "minor seventh flat five")
    This mean..C scale can contain only this chords....
    C maj D min E min F maj G7 /G MAj  A min Bm7b5/B min
    it cannot be G min, B Maj , E Maj etc...
    For D scale, it will be...
    D Maj      E min   F# min   G Maj   A7 / A Maj   B min   C#m7b5 / C# m
    Calculate the others...

    Most of the normal song will have these chords. First, findout the scale, then try playing

    the chords for that scale...There are lots of exceptions, but at first, grasp this theory b4

    going to those...

    How woz the lesson?? If it woz helpful, then u know what satisfies me;) :beer:
  2. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    Hmm.. Ud anyone even c dis?? :mad:
  3. bjr

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    The lesson wasn't bad....I thought you could've explained it a little more.

    For to actually pick out a scale from the 12 notes with examples. For C scale...using the formula.

    Start with the root...i.e.-C

    2nd note is one whole tone leave out C# and pick D

    3rd wholetone...leave out C# and pick E

    4th note...semi-tone...pick F
  4. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    Upto u ppl to do that... :)
    Let's make a good thread...

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