Yari hai Imaan Mera-Zanjeer.

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  1. Xeus

    Xeus New Member

    If anyone could tab this song

    Yari hai Imaan mera yaar mera Xindagi....Zanjeer.. which is picturized on Amitabh(acting as a Police officer) and Paran( as Pathan naming Sherkhan)

    Waiting for your replies..
  2. Xeus

    Xeus New Member


    i'm still waiting for the tabs...........
  3. Xeus

    Xeus New Member

    You All People Are Sick!!!
  4. vidhansinghai

    vidhansinghai New Member

    Hey cool it Xeus. If you are so un-sick, why don't you find them out yourself.

    Cool it. Will try to find out.
  5. vidhansinghai

    vidhansinghai New Member

    Couldn't find the song. Sorry about that. Can't help.
  6. Taj

    Taj New Member

    hey xeus man
    write REQ which stands for REQUEST
    which makes it easier for people to recognize a respective demand !

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