yamaha pac112v vs greg bennett mb-50

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    i am looking to buy a new guitar. i have got two other guitars with H-H configuration i am looking for a strat styled H-S-S i have narrowed it down to the pacifica 112v and the greg bennett MB-50. I am slightly inclined towards the pac112v because of the coil tap but i some how feel the greg bennett may sound better as i already have a greg bennett av-6 and that's one heck of a guitar so i am really confused about them both . the main reason i am asking this question is because the stores here only carries giVsons, yEmehas and all other knock offs so i have to travel around 200 km to get the guitar and i called the stores there and they doesn't carry both of them some have the pac112v some have the mb-50 so it wouldn't be possible to try out both of them side by side.. i called the yamaha dealer they say a certain Pacifica 112-VM is in stock which has a maple fingerboard i still couldn't get the price of it but the mb-50 is priced at 17k. ill try my best to try out both guitars before buying but i will appreciate all the help i can get here before buying..i play mostly blues and classic rock nothing too heavy..and can any one state the current price of the pac-112v ..any help is appreciated..thank you..
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    common guys..hasnt anybody here played the mb-50..

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