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Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by zephyr359, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. zephyr359

    zephyr359 New Member

    I am planning to buy my second guitar...after much surfing i decided to buy yamaha f 210 or f 310...can anyone tell me the current price? or would you recommend other brand?..by the way i live in kolkata...
  2. ddaggi

    ddaggi New Member

    Pluto jumbo

    i would recommend you to buy a pluto acoustic guitar...it seriously is worth buying one....if its your first guitar then i think you should go for it....its around Rs 4,000...
  3. zephyr359

    zephyr359 New Member


    since it will be my second guitar..i am looking for a good sound...i dont know much about pluto..is it worth it?..i heard that pluto is chinese
  4. ddaggi

    ddaggi New Member

    pluto is not CHINESE

    yamaha f210 n f310 are good acoustic guitars (from what ive heard).....but pluto guitars have a kick ass sound (i have used it ). if you want to go for a higher end guitar n willing to spend some bucks then you can go for yamaha....but still pluto is very very good at a lower price.
  5. zephyr359

    zephyr359 New Member

    Oh ok i will then check out some PLUTO at the music stores? any model no. you suggest?I surfed the net and read really good reviews about sound quality of pluto
  6. black_magic

    black_magic New Member

    PLUTO Guitars are FAB...!!

    Pluto guitars are good. But do not go for Electric. And must check resonance, tonal quality and touch. I first go in Bragenza, but they show me all defective guitars. Go to Reynolds. It’s good.

    NOTE: do not buy a Pluto guitar with pickup if you need good resonance. I use my guitar in microphone, its fibulas.
  7. Illidan_LesPaul

    Illidan_LesPaul New Member

    why dont you try Hofner? I repeat hoFner......HoFner HoFner

    it comes for around 7K.... i've played it, and its heaven.....
  8. cheesy_chester

    cheesy_chester New Member

    Yamaha F310 is very good guitar it was my first guitar exceptional quality only problem dat its get out of tune offenly( dats a regular case with entry level guitars) but far much good dan Pluto will b available at 6.5k

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