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    :think: intelligent worm virus in Yahoo groups.This virus usually reaches a mail box some
    way and then tracks the ids with the word "group"
    and send mails with subject lines usually of a forward which is already
    present in you mail box.

    This virus is intellegent is becausee of two reasons
    - It sends mails with virus to groups by searching for the
    word "group" in its address book or inbox id's
    - It takes the subject line of any mail with "FW:" in it and sends it across to the groups and the sent mail is not even seen in the sent items box.

    Suggestions [generic for any virus infected mail box]

    1) Create 2 mail ids in address book one with name: !0000
    ( so that it wil be the 1st contact, and should not enter any email address for that) and another with ID: this creates confusion to any normal virus in the first try of its sending the mail itself!

    2) Create another id in address book with id:
    this will prevent the new virus from spreading to other groups coz when it tries this id it restarts trying and will end up
    in retrying for this id countless number of times thus preventing from spreading to some other mail box or groups.

    This is a simple way of preventing viruses from spreading to other mail boxes

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