Ya Ali [ Film Gangstar ]

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  1. sharath kumar

    sharath kumar Guitarist

    Song Ya Ali /Em /Am /D /B /B /Em /Am /B /B /
    Zindhagi /D /D /Em /C /Bm /D /Em /C /B /
    Ya Ali /Em /Am /D /B /B /Em /Am /B /B /
    1st BG song
    Mujekukuchpal /Em /Am /D /B /B /Em /Am /D /B /
    Chahathpe /D /D /Em /C /Bm /D /Em /C /B /
    Ya Ali /Em /Am /D /B /B /Em /Am /B /B /
    2nd BG Song
    Binatheri /Em /Am /C /B /Em /Am /C /B /
    Sanampe /D /D /Em /C /Bm /D /Em /C /B /
    Ya Ali /Em /Am /D /B /B /Em /Am /B /B /
  2. rahulvaish

    rahulvaish New Member

    Hi sharath ... these are excellent chords for this song ... really seems alright with the song ... however I doubt presence of Bm in the sequence ... I prefer B instead of Bm ... try this and tell me if it is ok.
  3. sharath kumar

    sharath kumar Guitarist

    Hi Rahul
    B is ok insted of Bm. But Bm is Currect chord . Because

    Chahatpe D/ D /Em /C /Bm /D /Em /C /B /
    U play Chords along with song CD & find out the deffarence between 1 & 2 In the same line
  4. prince413

    prince413 New Member

    Piano Notations

    Hey, wow... nice job :)
    But I am actually a piano player and I was looking for Ya Ali piano notations hopefully in staff notations But if its written, its ok.

    Can you please do that for me?

    By the way, I am a new member of IGT and I am loving it here!!!
  5. sharath kumar

    sharath kumar Guitarist

    Hi Prince Thank u for ur compliments.
    I dont know about the Standard notation.If u want I can send Lirics with notes or Tabs

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