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    Hello people,

    Joe here. Hmm about myself? I play 7 string guitar for a Black Metal band called Black Solace and play six string bass for an experimental project (grind+electronica+lots and lots of noise) called Death By Vending Machines (yes, what a name) and I have a death metal project on hold (university gets in the way).

    Music wise, I'm a huge fan of Grind-core, Technical Death Metal, Black Metal Jazz, even old school Hip Hop.


    Ibanez RG 7620 (With Dimarzio Evolution 7s) 7 string

    Ibanez RG 220B (with Bill Lawrence XL-500 and a L-500)

    Ibanez RG 320B (Loaded with Dimarzio Evolutions)

    Tune 6 String Bass (loaded with Bartolinis)

    Hartke VX3500 Bass Guitar Combo Amp

    Peavey 5150 (this one is back home, I'm using a neat little Roland Cube amp for now)

    and a whole bunch of effects.

  2. NoneSoVile

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    *wind whistles*
  3. nazr

    nazr angel is my genital..

    *passes wind*
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    *covers nose*

    Eating too much chilli fry bhai?

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