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  1. monica_decosta

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    oh xSe
    ur like a florescent white snake
    held in grip
    ur greasy skin slips

    venom hits deep, in the back of head
    uncontrollable unwanted untamed
    a blast of sweetness undesired

    with every roll of hand
    u serpent me, i coil u
    not far the day when
    i squeeze life off you
    till the brink

    obey my command
    u must
    u will
  2. thelastm

    thelastm New Member

    I don't know if it's because the title is an anagram for *** but this poem seems to have a very strong ***ual connotation to it. No?
  3. thelastm

    thelastm New Member

    Hahahaha! The state of censorship here is just as sad as in our films.

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