Wots Uh the Deal -Pink Floyd

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    Wots...Uh the Deal
    Album : The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
    Film : The Valley
    Words & Music by : Roger Waters and David Jon Gilmour
    Difficult Chords : (X=> Don't play that String,0=>Open String)
    Gmaj7    G7    G6    G+   D7    D9    Am7
    Other Chords : In case you don't know the other chords...you shouldn't dare to play Pink Floyd!
    Intro: G Gmaj7 G7 G6 G+    G G+ G6 G+ D7  D9
    G                Gmaj7             G7                       G6
    Heav-en sent the prom---ised land. Looks all right-from where I stand,
           G+                G    G+   G6       G+  D7    D9
    'cause I'm the man---the out--side look-ing    in.
    G                    Gmaj7    G7                  G6
    Wait-ing on the first----step,show me where the key is kept.
    G+                    G     G+  G6    G+       D7   D9
    Point me down the right line,be-cause it's time---
                G              G7            C            Am7
    to let me in--from the cold.--Turn my Lead--in-to gold,--
                          G                       G7
    'cause there's a chill wind blow-in' in--my--soul,
    and I think I'm grow-ing cold.
    intro: D9
    G                 Gmaj7             G7             G6
    Fire_bright by can--dle--light_ and her by my side.
       G+                       G    G+ G6    G+     D7  D9
    Or if she pre-fres, we need ne--ver stir a--gain.
    G                     Gmaj7         G7                     G6
    Some-one  sent the prom--ised land. Oh,--I grabbed_it with both hands.
    G+                     G      G+ G6   G+     D7  D9
    Now I'm the man on the in-side---look-ing out.
                  G           D7                C                 Am7
    Hear me shout.--Come on in. What's the news?--Where you been?
                     G                  G7                    D7  D9
    'Cause there's no--wind left in--my soul,and I've--grown old.
    G                   Gmaj7                G7                    G6
    Flash the read-ies. Wot's...uh the deal? Got to make it to the next meal.
    G+                        G     G+    G6    G+      D7  D9
    Try to keep---up with the turn--ing of------the wheel.
    G               Gmaj7                    G7                       G6
    Mile after mile,stone af--ter stone, you turn to speak,--but you're alone.
    G+                        G  G+       G6  G+      D7   D9
    Mil-lion miles from home,----you're on----your own.
                G               G7            C             Am7
    So let me in---from the cold. Turn my lead--in-to gold,
                          G                     G7                             D7
    'cause there's a chill wind blow-in' in my soul, and I think I'm grow-ing cold.
    Note : Do NOT change anything as these are the exact chords/lyrics/chord shapes used.
    With Regards,
    Arindam Ray.
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    Rectification !!!!

    Sorry all..i wrote the album name wrong.....it should be "Obscured by Clouds"....

    Enjoy the chords.....if you face anydifficulty...let me know....

    Other Floyd Stuffs coming up shortly......

    With Regards,
    Arindam Ray.
  3. Strat

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    Please include tab of the end solo of "Poles Apart" into them... :beer:
  4. Tanvi

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    Allright... this is my first effort at some serious tabbing...
    This is the simplest way i could play it...
    The following goes for the intro and the first few lines as well
    Just slide fingers up for the first part...
    Heaven Sent the promised.. looks allright... From where... I'm the man...
    out-side look-ing in
    Same for the next and then Arindam Ray's chords for chorus ....(starting from 'To let me in....')
    Corrections... anyone??
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    uhhhhhhhhh! i didnt know this was a floyd song! silly me!:eek::

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