Worm Causes Suicide: Video

Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by lord_neo, Dec 19, 2006.

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    Gordian worms live inside crickets for long periods, feeding on the cricket's diet. Once fully grown, they inject chemicals into the cricket's brain, brainwashing it and forcing it to kill itself by jumping into water. Once in water, the worm wriggles out of the writhing body and swims off in search of a mate. Article published in Apr 06 Nature magazine.

    Check the video
  2. d_ist_urb_ed

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    Yeah i saw that, f'n weird and spooky. Imagine if the worms evolved to start infecting humans. :shock:
  3. bjr

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    There's a gory hollywood flick in that idea.
  4. d_ist_urb_ed

    d_ist_urb_ed Genuflect b*tches!

    I dont believe so...how scary is dozens of human beings walking straight to the water and drowning themselves, and then the worms come out and have an orgy? It'll be funny at worst.
  5. alpha1

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    Anyone seen Dreamcatcher based on Stephen King's novel?
  6. the_wizard

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    ^Yeah, the novel is better.
  7. thehundredthone

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    ^ 10x better I'd say.

    How about this for a parasite?
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  8. alpha1

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    Oh my fucking GOD!

  9. SG1

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    Okay this thread is getting way to scary for me ... poof
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  11. nazr

    nazr angel is my genital..

    Bad bad movie although i like stephen king's work
  12. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    ^ Damn!
    I expected to see it in action as quoted by me:
  13. thehundredthone

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  14. shak

    shak Harrr!

    @topic: thats from last week's BBC's nature programme, saw this one live, absolutely beautiful! nature at its best!

    .. you know .. i dont get it? how is this all, weird, or ewwww, or spooky or nauseous? ... i think its rather, a spectacular testament to the nature's ingenuity!
    i know i know, having a fish wriggling up your penis would not be a comfortable experience, still ... just imagine! never in a million years can one come up with something that original as that!!

    i wish darwin was alive today ... ;)

    [EDIT] .. as for the gore flick .. yes please, i would like to see 'plants' rise out from the skulls of dead, dry and rotting humans, and then the 'plants' would just stand there spreading the spores while we sit there for 2 hours watchin the splendid dance of 'spores in air' ... jk
  15. d_ist_urb_ed

    d_ist_urb_ed Genuflect b*tches!

    Shak....you are a weird man....
  16. shak

    shak Harrr!

    ^ i'll take that as a compliment my good sir!
  17. thehundredthone

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    ^ I read that Darwin comment on some other site you copycat!! :p:
  18. shak

    shak Harrr!

    meh .. i didnt .. but that comment isnt 'that' clever anyway .. i was watchin this episode on BBC with my sis and ma dad and we were all comparing it with darwin's theory .. so i guess any high schooler can make this exact comment .. nothing clever in this .. though i AM a copycat!! i copy a thousand things everyday *grin* .. and no one flicks a tosser .. haha

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