wood used in making guitars

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    i dont have have any idea about the wood used in making guitars.
    these mahogany,maple,rosewood r all confusing.
    can anybody enlighten me to the effects various types of wood produce on guitars?
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    I'd want to have an eye on this thread... Waiting for replies :)
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    I bought my guitar after a doing a lot of research on the kind of wood used to make a guitar and how it affects the tone quality. Here's what I gathered..
    1: Cheap quality guitars are made of plywood...This produces bad sound and guitar goes bad or breaks down easily.
    2: Make sure the soundboard is made of spruce or cedar. These produce a rich resonant sound. Solid spruce is the best.
    3: Make sure that the neck of the guitar is made of solid wood...something that appears sturdy to you.
    4: It is important to buy a guitar that has a solid top. Not a laminated top. This improves the richness of sound.
    5: Fretboards are made of rosewood (the best ones use this wood), and ebony (less expensive guitars use this wood).
    This is all I can remember right now...I collected this info from a number of websites...There's a lot available online...Just google it. Here's one of the more useful links : http://www.guitartips.addr.com/tip87.html
    Hope this helps a little bit..
  4. tejasi

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    Here's something more I found...

    Source: http://www.maizeguitars.com/faq.htm#tonewood

    How do different tonewoods affect the sound of an acoustic bass or guitar?
    As with the six string guitar, the sound of the ABG is most influenced by the soundboard, its bracing, thickness and the type of wood used. Cedar and Redwood tend to produce a relatively loud instrument with a warm sound, favoring the lower range of notes while having good harmonics. The spruces, generally speaking can produce a very full bass tone but may take longer to develop its tone after the instrument is finished compared to Cedar or Redwood. Spruce tends to be somewhat less fragile than Cedar or Redwood as well. To a lesser extent, the choice of woods for the back and sides can also affect the overall tone of the ABG. For the most part the denser woods add some brightness to the sound as well as a bit more projection. The less dense woods such as Walnut, Bigleaf Maple, or Bay Laurel are warmer sounding as compared to Granadillo or Katalox.
  5. tejasi

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    Check this one out...You'll find answers to all your questions ..


    what to look for :

    Acoustic Guitar

    Body Style:
    Acoustic guitars come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from small 'travel size, to Jumbo, to Dreadnought. The body style in an acoustic guitar determines sound projection and tonal emphasis. Things to consider are tonal quality vs. playing comfort. Some acoustic guitar bodies come in a single cutaway design like the shape of the Gibson Les Paul. This gives access to the higher frets.

    Some acoustic guitars come with electronic amplification built in for playing larger venues where your acoustic sound needs to fill the room.

    Some acoustics have preamps mounted in a hole cut in the side of the instrument, while others mount inside the soundhole. There are systems that combine preamp, microphone, piezo pickups , EQ and tuners.

    The concept for necks on acoustic guitars is the same as it is for electrics; the size of your hand is key. Generally the thickness and width of the neck is based on the size of the body of the instrument as well as how many frets the neck is. Usually, acoustic necks are listed as 12 fret or 14 frets. This determines how many frets are clear of the body, not how many overall.

    Intonation determines whether or not the notes play in tune as you move up the neck. If the distance between the frets (usually above the 12th fret) is off, the guitar will be incapable of playing in tune and therefore useless as a recording or performance instrument.

    The choice of wood is where the sound of an acoustic guitar lives. Different types of wood produce different sounds, but most guitar makers believe that the top is the most important for determining tonal quality. Spruce is the standard material for tops with Sitka spruce being the most common. The cost of an acoustic guitar increases dramatically based on the rarity of the tonewoods, such as rosewood, but due to decreasing supplies of certain tonewoods, guitar makers are successfully finding alternative materials to make great sounding instruments.

    Tuning Machines:
    The type of tuning machine your guitar has is very important. This is what allows you to fine tune and hold pitch. Enclosed machine heads resist rust and airborne corrosives, and therefore don't require as much maintenance or replacement as open tuning machines.

    Bridge and Fingerboard:
    The materials used for bridge and fingerboards do have an effect on sound, but this is minimal compared to the body of the guitar. Put simply, the effects of bridge and fingerboard materials cannot make or break a guitar's sound.

    Different types of finish can affect the way the wood vibrates, but there is nothing you can do about this. These decisions are make by the guitar maker and they usually choose wisely

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    thanks a lot tejasi i m cpying the matter .will read it later
    sharukh waiting 4 ur reply too
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    lol .. do i need to say anymore? ... tejasi has made it very clear.
    but anyways...

    denser the wood better the sustain and warmth factor.
    lighter the wood brighter the sound and more of the treble
    medium density .... just perfect for blues and soft rock

    in accoustics..
    closer the grain .. brighter the tone
    wider the grain ... better medium and lower frequency response

    guitar body: mahogany, alder, basswood, sometimes cedar, i have seen a few maple ones as well.
    fretboard: rosewood, maple, snakewood, ebony, walnut etc. (its all cosmetic)
    neck: maple, mahogany, rosewood(you will be lucky to get a rosewood one)
    tops: ... aaah ... loads!! .. maple, snake wood, burr maple, any figure wood ..(koa, walnut etc are just marvellous)
    accoustics: umm dunno much but cedar, spruce, rosewood, etc are common
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    hey thanx
    can i get a little more info for electric guitars.the above ones r basically for acc.
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    err ... the above ones are for electrics .... only the spruce and cedar etc are for accoustics ... rest is all electric.
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