wonderin how to write your own song?

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    if u ever wanted to write a song and didnt know how to get started then may be this can help you.
    there are no set rules in song writing and also u have have atleast some amount of talent in u to be a song writer .so here we go step by step.

    first u have to decide the theme of the song. what can the theme be ? if u r confused then ask urself- how do i feel? do u feel happy , sad, in love, dippressesed, dissappointed , stressed , romantic, religious,angry or just confused....??

    if u can answer the question that means our theme is set..

    now u have to decide how r u goin to present the song ......i which way......simply say what u wanna say to the listener, or make it a conversation, like the first person & third person thing or just a message to anybody , or are goin to talk to uself?

    eg kabhie kabhiie mere dil mein" in this song the writer has tried to express it as a first porson to the love of his life....

    decide who the song is for ....it can be for anybody ..... ur lover, ur friend, ur mom, bro , sis,dad,god.....or urself or someboday u hope to meet but u havent even met.

    eg. mama said by metallica is for james mom
    eg tears in hevean from eric clapton is for claptons dead son

    and remember u dont have to take the nae of the person or ur relationship with u to make the song for them ,,,,,,,,,,,just write about them or how u feel fro them ...or things that happened between u or things u want that shud happen etc.

    it will always be tough or confusing how to start but dont worry this happens wth the best of songwriters sometimes..........dont worry u can always re-edit ur stuff .......just go with the flow n keep writin.........

    the basic structure used in indian film songs (again there will be exception and allotta them) is the mukhda and atara songs........

    eg...har ghadi badal rahi hai rood zindagi - is the mukhda of the song kal ho naho which is reppeted many times in the song

    and palko ke leke saye & chahe jo tumhe pure dil se......are the two antara of the song,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    but u can also experiment with othe types such as a song that has nothing repeting from start to finish..........shankar mahadevans(written by javed akhtar)
    breathless is a master piece in htis genre..........many of the lucky ali song( with exceptions offcource) r also of the same genre till his album aks ....because after that the next album kitni hasin zindagi hai yeah was wrritten by the veteren lyric writter from our very own bolly wood - sameer.........that why thy sound so filmi and most of them r about love and its ralted consequential feelings. the only so thappa thappi is not written by sammer and it is lyrically the best song in the album describing the best policies in life to succeed,.

    well.......after swaying from the topic lest me come back to it..............wriitng in metre is very important which mean when u try to sing it one line of the song shoud go with the second line if they are in the same tune or same mukhd/antara... if one is longer and the other is shorter then it will be very diificult to turn whatever u have written in to a song.........

    the best trick while wrtitting is to always have an idea of the composition or the tune so whenver u write a line try to sing it and after writtin the second try to sing both of them in the same tune , if they r in metre it will sound good.......

    eg mujhko jiski tallaash hai
    jane usko kiski aas hai

    sonds perfect but

    mujkhko jiski talaash hai
    kya pata usse kiski ass hai

    in the above the second line is not in metre............try to sing the both and u'll notice.

    i'll post more on songwritting..............plz try this and tell me how did this work .....alll questions and querries are welcome..........if u can plz share ur work so that everyone can learn and know about it.
    a : k :beer:
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    nice thing. reps for you.

    I just start air guitarring according to the mood and usually come up with very long structures (none of them implemented) going through a variation of moods. Then get a simple drum program and put it in. Its kind of tough to do that in extremely upbeat songs (200-250 bmp).

    Writing in odd meters i think is better, because it frees you of the technicality of the 4/4 and so your idea comes out as more original.
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    thanx allot buddy

    hey dude thanx man.............i so needed some reps man,,,,,,,,,it nice to know atleast someone is appriciating me after along time............havent got any rep since i have not posted chords.............thanx allot but .............r u an aspiring musician tooo/?
    let me know :beer: :rock:
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    i think this would be a great help 2 the aspirants.. reps for u! :)
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    thanks for the cool info dude.. after reading this song i was able to write a song of wich i had a tune in my mind for nearly 6 months and wasnt able to write anything...

    try this..

    Tu ye janey ya janey na
    tujeh chahey dil kitna
    ab reh na payainge
    tere Bina...

    i was able to write this song.. remaining parts are hidden..

    nice topic there.. reps for you.. :)
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    Can we not sticky a thread called "Writing tips" where each of us contribute something which according to us is essential to the way we write?
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    man gr8 help.....
    reps for u

    ya this sticky thing is a gud idea

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