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    plz don't expect any happy poem frm me coz i write only when m sad...this one is another sad poem...i wrote it after doing sudarshan kriya lol...so all the emotions came out instantly...n i broke out...today only...n right now m afraid, sad, confused, tensed and happy for others...i dunno whether it's right to post such poems here but still m posting...so read


    Shrieks, squeals, shouts and screams
    Are the noises that you can hear inside my mind
    Euphonic sounds can be heard only in my dreams
    The clouds are still dark with no silver lining behind

    Ray of hopes was only an evanescent rainbow
    Disappearing after a few blinks of one’s eye
    But I made it stay, didn’t easily let it go
    Absolutely unaware of the sin I was committing

    Some wrongs I did, some was your fault too
    I wish I could keep it undercover
    But my brain and my heart were quarreling too
    So I closed my eyes and claimed for total surrender

    You are my lifeline; I know you can’t be wrong
    But my peers also wish for my goodwill
    I can’t oppose them right now, even if I’m strong
    So I chose to give up and stay still

    Now I’m waiting for the world to change
    So that I can again hope to be with you
    A new day, a new life may seem so strange
    Because I’ll have to live it all alone, without you
  2. horsesmouth

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    Thats nice....
    but not ur best...
    Also, I din't understand the 2nd para.. :( ...and without whom? anyone in particular?
    but yoga does have effects it seems :D ...i thought otherwise :p
  3. rickkkyrich

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    pretty decent stuff..
  4. sukriti_hats

    sukriti_hats Member

    I wish u knew everything…but I dnt wana disturb u on ur happy day…n u hv no rights to be dismal

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