WishBone Ash : Band the made a Change

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    WishBone Ash : Band that made a Change

    No idea how many of u have heard to this band .... But here are some details ...

    Wishbone Ash is a British classic rock band, formed in 1969. Bassy Martin Turner and drummer Steve Upton were looking for guys to form a band . After an extensive search for a guitar player, the band could not decide between the final two candidates, Andy Powell and Ted Turner. Powell suggested that they try both guitar players "just to see what it sounds like." Unbeknownst to Powell, he was helping to pioneer a brand new technique in rock: the "twin lead" harmonizing guitar sound. Though the band was heavily rooted in the blues, the Wishbone Ash twin lead sound also included strong elements of folk, progressive rock, and classical music.

    So all the harmonised leads we here are due to these dudes ....


    Wishbone Ash (1970) (Powell/M. Turner/T. Turner/Upton)
    Pilgrimage (1971) (Powell/M. Turner/T. Turner/Upton)
    Argus (1972) (Powell/M. Turner/T. Turner/Upton)
    Wishbone Four (1973) (Powell/M. Turner/T. Turner/Upton)
    Live Dates (1974) (Powell/M. Turner/T. Turner/Upton)
    There's the Rub (1974) (Powell/M. Turner/Wisefield/Upton)
    Locked In (1975) (Powell/M. Turner/Wisefield/Upton)
    'The King Will Come: Live(1976) (Powell/M. Turner/Wisefield/Upton)
    New England (1976) (Powell/M. Turner/Wisefield/Upton)
    Mother of Pearl: Live (1976) (Powell/M. Turner/Wisefield/Upton)
    Front Page News (1977) (Powell/M. Turner/Wisefield/Upton)
    No Smoke Without Fire (1978) (Powell/M. Turner/Wisefield/Upton)
    Just Testing (1980) (Powell/M. Turner/Wisefield/Upton)
    Live Dates II (1980) (Powell/M. Turner/Wisefield/Upton)
    Number the Brave (1981) (Powell/Wetton/Wisefield/Upton)
    Twin Barrels Burning (1982) (Powell/Bolder/Wisefield/Upton)
    Raw to the Bone (1985) (Powell/Spence/Wisefield/Upton)
    Nouveau Calls (1987) (Powell/M. Turner/T. Turner/Upton)
    Here to Hear (1989) (Powell/M. Turner/T. Turner/Upton)
    Strange Affair (1991) (Powell/M. Turner/T. Turner/Weston)
    The Ash Live in Chicago (1992) (Powell/Pyle/T. Turner/Weston)
    Live in Geneva (1995) (Powell/Kishman/Filgate/Sturgis)
    Illuminations (1996) (Powell/Kishman/Filgate/Sturgis)
    Trance Visionary (1997) (electronic dance album)
    Psychich Terrorism (1998) (electronic dance album)
    Bare Bones (1999) (Powell/Birch/Skeat/Weston)
    Live Dates III (2000) (Powell/Birch/Skeat/Weston)
    Bona Fide (2002) (Powell/Granfelt/Skeat/Weston)
    Almighty Blues Live (2003) (Powell/Granfelt/Skeat/Weston)
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    This Info is based on Wikipedia ... and If u wonder why i put this here if its on Wikipedia ... Just tell me if u knew the name of the band to search for atleast ........

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