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  1. Title: I wish
    I use to love my silent stare
    at mysunshine my orange ray
    And kept, until eve's came on
    And beauty's blossom faded away;
    all but one, thee keep my-whish
    With smiles and tears she remembers me...

    I still love her smiles or frowns,
    'Mid sorrow's gloom or pleasure's kiss,
    And as the chain of life slips ahead,
    Pursue her destined connubial bliss,
    I wish when thou hast spread thy wing to flee,
    Still, still, a moment wait's for me.

    I'll love her for those sparkling eyes,
    To which my fondness still betray's,
    Bearing the tincture of the skies,
    To glow when all good things fade,
    And when they sink too low to see,
    Reflect an azure beam on me.

    what good is my relationship with these words
    if they prefer to be moody over wise..
    if they cant show what i have..
    if they have no value in your eyes...
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    Ah lovely! very literature-esque!
    I'd have loved the poetry being situated solely in the dream part, in the goodness. so that you could exclude the last four lines.
  3. thanks


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