Winds of change

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    The winds were not blowing but he tried to smile,
    he tried to follow her but he saw his crime.
    Her footsteps was all he could hear.
    They were breaking the acrid silence,
    and now he was trembling with fear.
    He looked over his shoulders and saw her standing,
    he tried to call her, but he was choking.
    Darkness prevailed and he heard her voice,
    trying to calm him, give him hope, but uncertainty was all he had.

    He woke up with a jerk,
    droplets of perspiration on his forehead,
    his heart thumping, his lungs collapsing,
    For he couldn't breathe, he realized it was a dream.

    He lit a smoke and tried to relax,
    the sleeping pills he took were just a fag.
    he called her up, it was middle of the night.
    She picked up the phone and heard the fear in his voice.
    She tried to calm him, but their was little she could do

    The first wounds were healing, but the scars wouldn't fade.
    The moon was shining and he knew it was late.
    He had tried everything he could,
    but he couldn't turn the tide of fate.

    The winds were not blowing but he tried to smile,
    Some they saw tears in his eyes,
    but he knew it was his belief and faith that were crying.........

    not so many cheers,
    ankit kaushik..
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    Nice one. Who wrote this ?
  3. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

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    Nice one! clear and descriptive
  5. angel_of_sin

    angel_of_sin bassist.....

    thanx buddy.........

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